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Spell check of It

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Correct spelling:
The thing referred to.
Other synonyms:
anything, A-D conversion, gift, AI, ability, anybody, the subject, that, prowess, competence, talent, somebody, access time, appeal, lure, experience, the object, this thing, glamor, charm, authentication, someone, that which, artificial intelligence, magnetism, skill, character, allure, batch, authoring, ABEND, mastery, background processing, proficiency, something, aptitude, each other, charisma, good looks, anyone, aught, this, alpha test, glitz, one another.
Examples of usage:
  1. I said- I like it. - "Daisy", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  2. What is it you want done? - "The Sea Bride", Ben Ames Williams.
  3. Lincoln: In it. No. - "Abraham Lincoln", John Drinkwater.

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