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Spell check of irreproachable

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Correct spelling:
Not liable to reproach; blameless.
respectable (adjective)
estimable, good, worthy, principled, blameless, saintly, law-abiding, upstanding, creditable, pure, righteous, right-minded, honorable, true, unimpeachable, untarnished, fair, virtuous, respectable, forthright, honest, moral, noble, angelical.
Other synonyms:
immaculate, ideal, unexceptionable, right, truthful, perfect, clean-handed, letter-perfect, guiltless, faultless, innocent, picture-perfect, unblamable, unimpeachable, impeccable, absolute, genuine, blameless, inculpable, unblemished, picture-book, fine, decent, irreprehensible, flawless, indefectible, sincere, seamless, lily-white, cleanhanded, exemplary, clear, harmless, clean.
Examples of usage:
  1. You are the irreproachable mother of our unsurpassed children. - "Linda Condon", Joseph Hergesheimer.
  2. Why did he, the irreproachable one, have to wash off sins every day, strive for a cleansing every day, over and over every day? - "Siddhartha", Herman Hesse.
  3. Miss first idea was to find out if anyone in the County would be making a trip to the City this fall and to place her niece under that protection; provided that person was of the irreproachable character she deemed requisite before being entrusted with such a charge. Eliza's person's - "The Heart of Arethusa", Francis Barton Fox.

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