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Spell check of Introducing

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Correct spelling:
of Introduce


beginning, birthing, budding, dawning, developing, emerging, hatching, springing, sprouting, starting, undertaking, Embarking, Forming, Germinating, Inaugurating, Inducting, Initiating, Originating, Commencing, Conceiving, Creating, Preparing, Stemming, initializing.
intruding, lodging, penetrating, piercing, Embedding, Implanting, Infiltrating, Injecting, Inserting, Insinuating, Interposing.
Generating, Instituting, Inventing, Producing.
foreshadowing, leading, preceding, Antedating, Anticipating, Pioneering, anteceding, forerunning, heading off, predating, trail-blazing.
Examples of usage:
  1. In introducing two women, present the younger to the older woman, the question of rank not holding good in our society where the position of the husband, be he judge, general, senator, or president even, does not give his wife fashionable position. – Manners and Social Usages by Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood
  2. " 'This is Captain Crabbe, ' said Ombos introducing me to her. – War and the Weird by Forbes Phillips R. Thurston Hopkins
  3. While Jeff was introducing himself to Judith the trolley had slowed up and stopped. – The Comings of Cousin Ann by Emma Speed Sampson
  4. She was dressed as if she knew about her beauty, and really appreciated it; so Peter wasn't surprised when Miriam, introducing her, remarked that Rosie wasn't a Red and didn't like the Reds, but had just come to help her, and to see what a pacifist meeting was like. – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair
  5. Its basis, as I have said, was the fact that the advantage to be gained by the capitalists from introducing labor- saving machinery was in proportion to the amount of labor which the machinery enabled them to dispense with- that is to say, was dependent upon the scale of their business. – Equality by Edward Bellamy