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Spell check of interior

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Correct spelling:
Inner; internal.
The inside; inward part.
central (adjective)
core, midway, central, main, innermost, median, nuclear, pivotal, focal, halfway, midmost, middle.
inward (adjective)
core, intrinsic, inward, heart, central, intestinal, inner, visceral, inland, internal, subjective.
Other synonyms:
bureaucratic, inner, cerebral, balcony, agency, internal, corridor, home, bay, customs, psychological, area, alcove, laissez-faire, inlying, indoor, bureau, department of the interior, domestic, body, Corp., inward, breadbasket, county, national, beading, brickwork, country, indoors, constitutional, midland, directorate, airspace, belt, addition, privileged, Congressional, ceiling, council, cornerstone, the borderland, branch, inside, in, nongovernmental, edge, corporation, within, gut, the civil service, intragroup, catacombs, upcountry, into, district, internal, Co., intellectual, developmental, administration, expansionist, hawkish, imperialist, Interior Department, inland, intimate.
Examples of usage:
  1. The Interior. 293. Earth's - "An Introduction to Chemical Science", R.P. Williams.
  2. As they advanced he heard the doors close with a muffled thunder behind them, and saw that the shadows seemed to retreat and shrink away towards the interior of the house, carrying the hands and faces with them. - "Four Weird Tales", Algernon Blackwood.
  3. It has come by an interior method- a revelation from within acting upon the without. - "The Best Psychic Stories", Various.
Common misspellings:
  1. interrior (14%)
  2. interiour (10%)
  3. interier (9%)
  4. interor (8%)
  5. inerior (7%)
  6. intereior (6%)
  7. inteior (6%)
  8. enterior (5%)
  9. intertior (5%)
  10. interoir (4%)
  11. interiro (2%)
  12. intierior (2%)
  13. intirior (2%)
  14. interio (2%)
  15. iterior (1%)
  16. intrior (1%)
  17. iinterior (1%)

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