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Spell check of integrity

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Correct spelling:
Wholeness; uprightness; purity.
cohesion (noun)
conformity, union, consistency, connection, solidarity, connectedness, indissolubility, indivisibility, inseparability, continuity, unity, cohesiveness, congruity, coherence, cohesion, adherence, integration.
completeness (noun)
plenum, entirety, allness, entireness, collectivity, everything, total, integration, comprehensiveness, sum, solidarity, thoroughness, fullness, universe, totality, unity, completeness, exhaustiveness, whole, everyone, everybody, oneness, intactness.
unity (noun)
entirety, purity, fundamentality, congruence, homogeneity, identity, entireness, indivisibility, embodiment, coincidence, sameness, union, simplicity, oneness, unity, completeness, cohesion, congruity, intactness, singleness, element, solidarity, holism, coherence, atom.
Other synonyms:
propriety, haleness, unimpaired, obedience, perfect, righteousness, honest, rightfulness, right, rightness, principle, justness, lawfulness, part, upstandingness, uprightness, honorableness, wholeness, as new, honor, legality, character, modesty, verity, virtuousness, probity, undamaged, ace, fairness, intact, unity, faithfulness, soundness, impartiality, unbroken, compliance, durability, honesty, fiber, law, veracity, stability, strength, decency, truth, better, firmness, honesty, complaisance, respectability, equity, observation, strong, fair play, legalism, sincerity, observance, rectitude, one, single, goodness, solidity, give-and-take, incorruptibility, virtue, untainted, cooperation, well-preserved, justice, good, truthfulness.
Examples of usage:
  1. She measured the fulness of her coming justification by the strict integrity of the means whereby she sought to deserve it. - "The Story Of Kennett", Bayard Taylor.
  2. We do not demand the truth; we do not insist upon the right; we are satisfied with less than integrity. - "Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays", Lemuel K. Washburn.
  3. In protecting its own right to trade with her, the United States protected the integrity of China. - "The Path of Empire A Chronicle of the United States as a World Power, Volume 46 in The Chronicles of America Series", Carl Russell Fish.

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