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Spell check of insufferable

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Correct spelling:
used of persons or their behavior; " impossible behavior"; " insufferable insolence"
painful (adjective)
trying, miserable, hurtful, anguishing, annoying, acute, distressful, biting, crushing, odious, bitter, torturing, gnawing, harrowing, disagreeable, stabbing, bothersome, withering, cutting, unbearable, grievous, burdensome, irksome, severe, irritating, oppressive, painful, aggravating, piercing, agonizing, woeful, uncomfortable, troublesome, aching, horrendous, inflaming, throbbing, unpleasant, smarting, cruel, offensive, excruciating, stinging, wrenching, cramping, arduous, chafing, sore, tormenting, grueling, besetting.
Other synonyms:
intolerable, unsufferable, impossible, unacceptable.
Examples of usage:
  1. For ten months Defoe had been vehemently but vainly striving to accomplish by argument what had been wrought in an instant by the French insufferable insult. King's - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. But Florence had become insufferable to him; and he determined to remove to Naples, because to get to Naples it was necessary to pass through Rome. - "The Countess of Albany", Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee).
  3. Again, Carl was rather given to boasting about himself in an indirect way, and Paul would promptly cap these little bursts of vanity with some outrageous story about himself, making himself out the hero of some high- flown adventure, and modestly describing his own feats of strength until Carl, who could not decide whether his cousin was serious or slyly making fun of him, came at length to the opinion that Paul was the most insufferable braggart that ever lived. - "Jane Lends A Hand", Shirley Watkins.

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