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Spell check of initial

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Correct spelling:
Beginning; first.
First letter of a word or name.
beginning (adjective)
early, infant, sprouting, infantile, budding, embryonic, formative, precursory, nascent, fundamental, incipient, baby, opening, primal, alpha, emerging, Genesis, foremost, germinal, maiden, hatching, original, aboriginal, primeval, preliminary, dawned, starting, preparatory, new, primordial, commencing, fetal, primary, introductory, beginning, inaugural, newborn, first.
original (adjective)
original, creative, genuine, unique, ingenious, novel, innovative, prototypical, first, authentic.
Other synonyms:
sign, leadoff, primary, nee, of, initiatory, consonant, premier, prime, alphabetical, pioneer, block letters, start, earliest, John Hancock, Junior, countersign, witness, by, sign on the dotted line, from the get-go, after, alphabetize, virgin, sign away, namesake, front-end, at first, capital, ratify, nameless, signature, assignment, letter, alphabet, sign on, endorse, inceptive, all along, naming ceremony, headmost, block capitals.
Examples of usage:
  1. These result from the size and character of the initial play material, for dolls like these invite an entirely different type of treatment. - "A Catalogue of Play Equipment", Jean Lee Hunt.
  2. Initial before n, s, or t. - "1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading", B. A. Hathaway.
  3. It cannot be denied, that it is proper to use a, and not proper to use an, before the initial sound of w or y with a vowel following. - "The Grammar of English Grammars", Goold Brown.

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