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Spell check of inhibit

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Correct spelling:
To restrain; forbid.
oppose (verb)
repel, counter, object, oppress, cross, meddle, interfere, repress, challenge, dispute, impede, intercept, defy, disagree, antagonize, hinder, oppose, resist, confront, repulse, fight, rebuff, protest, counteract, contradict, conflict, check, obstruct, suppress, counterattack.
hinder (verb)
restrain, tangle, oppose, jam, bottleneck, crimp, fetter, entrap, clog, brake, bung, foul, handicap, constipate, plug, hinder, constrain, deter, restrict, resist, hamper, complicate, impair, burden, block, frustrate, paralyze, stay, check, snarl, detain, encumber, hamstring, entangle, snag, congest, curb, cripple, delay, baffle, cramp, bar, counter, choke, mire, dam, obstruct, interrupt, thwart, impede, stop, catch, drag.
prohibit (verb)
reject, block, bar, forbid, curb, restrain, disqualify, outlaw, prevent, suppress, refuse, constrain, prohibit, disapprove, control, preclude, ban, disallow, deny, restrict, oppress, curtail.
restrain (verb)
restrict, control, detain, hinder, restrain, tether, collar, leash, constrain, impede, bind, constrict, shackle, bridle, confine.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, daunt, ban, dishearten, discourage, divert, bar, dampen, derail, check, deflect, dissuade, admonish, chill, avert, restrain, disincline, deter, depress.
Other synonyms:
disadvantage, hog-tie, trammel, rule, pull in, seize, subjugate, manacle, keep down, keep, regulate, bottle up, proscribe, throttle, surmount, govern, subordinate, short-circuit, degrade, taboo, suppress, squeeze out, restraint, tease, debar, stymie, appropriate, handcuff, curb, reduce, capture, embarrass, hold down, shut off, subdue, allow, bit, hold in, get over, hobble, quash, hold back, cut into, let down, free, mortify, kill, contain, hold up, moderate, chasten, tame, humiliate, shame, wither, stamp out, plague, study at restrain, interfere with, show up, measure, kill off, rein, enjoin, cut back, hold back, keep back, overcome, master, hold, stamp down, crucify, tighten, bring up against, make someone's toes curl, conquer, interdict, tie up, crush, count against.
Examples of usage:
  1. They push down the pan of the scale to inhibit the post- pituitary. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..
  2. There was at the the need of constant care to inhibit her cravings; there now was none to save her- unless Rosalie did. Sultana's - "This Freedom", A. S. M. Hutchinson.
  3. Fear is expressed that government borrowing to fund the deficit could inhibit the economic recovery by taking capital needed for business and industrial expansion. - "State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan", Ronald Reagan.

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