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Spell check of influence

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Correct spelling:
Operating power; authority.
To affect; move; direct.
attraction (noun)
attraction, magnetism, spell.
influence (noun)
seniority, predominance, mastery, pressure, command, rule, control, bias, supremacy, authority, sway, motivation, rank, pull, power, importance.
influence (verb)
prejudice, predominate, master, authorize, motivate, power, command, control, bias, empower, affect, pressure, lead, sway.
importance (noun)
criticality, momentousness, notability, criticalness, consequence, merit, import, prominence, eminence, importance, noteworthiness.
persuade (verb)
coax, sway, allure, indoctrinate, entice, induce, tempt, win over, convince, enlist, sell, persuade.
causes (noun)
source, culprit, base, trigger, occasion, contributor, catalyst, cause, impetus.
authority (noun)
precedence, credential, title, enfranchisement, puissance, mandate, powerfulness, mightiness, cogency, might, superiority, clout, charge, primacy, punch, potency, domination, office, empowerment, prestige, sovereignty, faculty, force, license, control, stature, birthright, strength, sway, commission, kingship, rank, power, steam, entitlement, command, seniority, privilege, purview, right, prerogative, mastery, authority, prepotency.
persuasion (noun)
induction, temptation, enticement, persuasion.
Other synonyms:
side effect, learn, efficacy, impel, make up one's mind, charm, catch, like, function, exploit, see, impression, capture, effectualness, sour, prompt, enchant, crop, regularise, go, outcome, find out, character, bring, draw, incite, puzzle out, make for, enamor, play, bend, submit, color, trance, captivate, yield, stir, regulate, entrance, fame, put to work, dispose, modulate, set, effectuality, ascertain, in, twine, esteem, significance, order, repercussion, ferment, square up, square off, mildew, work on, lead, figure out, work out, the aftermath, leverage, excite, monopoly, bow, knead, twist, mark, effectiveness, effect, instigate, warp, credit, grip, cultivate, the upshot (of something), mold, solve, watch, work, weight, actuate, impact, induce, persuade, turn, settle, efficiency, forge, juice, mould, hold, pack a punch, lick, invite, fascinate, stoop, reputation, end result, make, regularize, tempt, predispose, exercise, cast, crook, model, lead to, sway, stir, efficaciousness, form, compel, specify, act upon, deflect, beguile, move, decide, leadership, fix, urge, curve, incline, operate, baffle, define, deviate, drive, bewitch, result, enamour, act, dispose, run, shape, govern, do work, limit, determine, check, wreak, skew, lure, process, becharm, heft, find, diverge, give.
Examples of usage:
  1. I didn't come before because I didn't want to influence you. - "Land of the Burnt Thigh", Edith Eudora Kohl.
  2. The idea of the influence of which Graham had put into words, slipped back to Bobby. Paredes, - "The Abandoned Room", Wadsworth Camp.
  3. He was first noticed while he was within the influence of the upper rapids. - "The Niagara River", Archer Butler Hulbert.

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