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Spell check of inert

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Correct spelling:
Dull; inactive; powerless.
passive (adjective)
submissive, inactive, acquiescent, yielding, placid, idle, calm, complaisant, passive.
inert (adjective)
languorous, sedentary, lethargic, immobile, listless, motionless, languid, paralytic, insensible, dormant, sluggish, still, stagnant, reposing, vegetative, idle, comatose, inactive, passive, static, inanimate, stationary, lifeless, catatonic, apathetic.
motionless (adjective)
fixed, calm, unmoving, idle, languid, becalmed, dead, standing, quiet, stationary, sleeping, tranquil, stagnant, vegetative, dormant, immobile, still, resting, inactive, static, motionless.
Other synonyms:
blank, lazy, quaggy, boggy, vacant, boring, catalytic, unoccupied, unbiassed, sulky, controlled, sloughy, torpid, mucky, unemotional, indifferent, free, action, active, unreactive, off, sloppy, tedious, deaf, sluggish, slothful, waterlogged, alkaline, aerobic, hibernating, concentrated, restrained, humdrum, unbiased, impersonal, anaerobic, neutral, dull, electroneutral, dreary, unused, soggy, fallow, unexciting, mind-numbing, unmoving, chemical equation, immaterial, unresponsive, at rest, quiescent, inactive, emotionless, trifling, uninteresting, uninspired, so-so, latent, nonmoving, trivial, impassive, sleepy, inoperative, undisturbed, stiff, chemical, corrosive, squashy, swampy, miry, unemployed, marshy, doughy, muddy, alkaloid, achromatic, undemonstrative, slow, indolent.
Examples of usage:
  1. His body, inert, rolled from hers, turned again as it struck the chair, and fell, a thing crushed and dead, at her feet.... - "A Fool There Was", Porter Emerson Browne.
  2. I felt it would be an awful journey, as I was becoming more and more inert, but I was able to jump on to my camel as usual. - "Southern Arabia", Theodore Bent Mabel Bent.
  3. Did the earth itself bring forth a man, or did something breathe upon the inert clay till it became a living spirit? - "The Breath of Life", John Burroughs.

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