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Spell check of inanimate

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Correct spelling:
Void of animation; dead.
non-living (adjective)
deceased, inorganic, lifeless, non-living, dead.
dead (adjective)
lost, late, at peace, unresponsive, at rest, departed.
inert (adjective)
languorous, sedentary, lethargic, immobile, listless, motionless, languid, paralytic, insensible, dormant, sluggish, still, stagnant, reposing, vegetative, idle, comatose, inactive, passive, static, inert, stationary, lifeless, catatonic, apathetic.
inactive (adjective)
dull, spiritless.
Other synonyms:
live, dyspnoeic, dyspneic, dyspneal, nonconscious, insentient, nonliving, dead, senseless, breathless, unfeeling, dyspnoeal, insensate, mineral, breathtaking, pulseless.
Examples of usage:
  1. To him, their manners were horribly inanimate; their innocence, hypocrisy of education. - "Basil", Wilkie Collins.
  2. The orderly progress from simplicity to complexity, displayed by bodies- politic in common with living bodies, is a characteristic which distinguishes living bodies from the inanimate bodies amid which they move. - "Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I", Herbert Spencer.
  3. I lingered by his bed last night, after I had put his tea- tray on his table, and looked down at him; he pretended to be inanimate, his open eyes fixed upon the white rail of the bed. - "A Diary Without Dates", Enid Bagnold.

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