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Correct spelling:
Prefix denoting negation or absence. Words compounded with it, and not found below, may be explained by adding not, or want of, to the simple word.
Within; during; by; with.
Other synonyms:
color-coded, cross-dressing, direct elections, the Davis Cup, during, chronological, aboard, attending, all the rage, into, snappy, indoors, Ala., be out to destroy, hedged in with/by, method acting, attired, conversational, chad, bright, bore, anglophone, length, articulate, across, dashing, down, temperate, beyond, swank, sharp, supercool, centimeter, about, inwards, swanky, board, du jour, smart, posh, Anglo, state-of-the-art, oncoming, clay, bookable, ace, bleached, booking, barometer, circuitous, cool, column inch, surrounding, since, popularized, go up, landlocked, now, chintzy, debonair, upcoming, advanced, inside, booking office, hep, elect, fresh, discursive, tactic, method, modernistic, current, AL, cool, swell, at, by, encode, turned-on, aisle seat, broken, internal, dapper, atomic number 49, weather, crowd-pleasing, AR, communicative competence, foot, meanwhile, at home, disenfranchise, over, on the open market, def, popular, course, for the duration, groovy, fidelity, modern, ball girl, hip, detest, hate, voguish, ebb, against, meteorology, under, contemporary, ensuing, clothed, dark, sometime, climatic, faddish, even, acting, alley, Ariz., cold, candy-striped, crisscross, break point, on offer, procedure, campaign, faddy, system, au courant, dappled, inner, usual, wish to harm, electioneering, opposite, ball boy, in time, chatty, incoming, crisp, mode, enclosed, until, out, through, inward, basis, zone, checked, bespectacled, bold, with-it, drip, for sale, fluent, advantage, hit the town/street, etc., last, AZ, Ark., hot, B.C., declamatory, vogue, while, manner, clad, ablaze, forward, indium, trendy, false beginner, chequered, favorite, voguish, weather forecast, all, ft., bound for something, bus, happening, corseted, stylish, diffuse, centimetre, flow, large, technique, here, seasonal, futuristic, swish, in the midst of something, on, book on, mod, brash, trig, break, succeeding, a la mode, space-age, style, colored, AK, dramatic, Alas., red-hot, apart, CA, checkered, subsequently, ahead, pop, inch, cm., by-election, direct, from all sides, around, hip, code switching, fluency, when, interior, climate, on the market, bilingual, tony, Indiana, up to the minute, successful, following, -clad, rep, near, Hoosier State, afloat, whenever, before, toward, exclusive, fashionable, checkerboard, election, flush, then, chic, along, ahead of your/its etc. time, big, spell, cubit, subsequent, advancing, way, throughout, maelstrom, happening, beauty contest, modish, economical, in the course of time, classy, arr., up, within, eddy, means, downtown, this, in the round, after, clean, advance poll.
Examples of usage:
  1. Would I let them come in? - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.
  2. I more in it. b'lieve there's - "Explorers of the Dawn", Mazo de la Roche.
  3. We were but just in time to help him. - "Old Jack", W.H.G. Kingston.

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