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Spell check of impounding

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Correct spelling:
placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law


impounding, impoundment, internment, poundage.
impoundment, internment, poundage.
covering, embracing, encircling, enclosing, encompassing, enveloping, holding, surrounding, trapping, Containing, Corralling.
condemning, confining, fencing, Bridling, Caging, Handcuffing, Harnessing, Imprisoning, Incarcerating, Manacling, Sentencing, Shackling, Tethering, Collaring, fettering, jailing, locking up, straight jacketing.
abducting, acquiring, bagging, catching, collecting, gathering, getting, harvesting, taking, Amassing, Annexing, Appropriating, Capturing, Depriving, Grabbing, Levying, Monopolizing, Nabbing, Reaping, Usurping, Commandeering, Confiscating, Procuring.
Examples of usage:
  1. An impounding law was proclaimed by Macquarie in 1820; but cattle being often driven to the pound for the sake of the fees, the ordinance was relaxed by Sorell. – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  2. The circular spots and dots are the principal reservoirs used for impounding water for use during the long Martian summer. – The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants A Psychic Revelation by Eros Urides and J. L. Kennon
  3. I have already shown how the onion patches of Pyquag were an eyesore to Jacobus Van Curlet and his garrison, but now these moss troopers increased in their atrocities, kidnaping hogs, impounding horses, and sometimes grievously rib- roasting their owners. – Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete by Washington Irving
  4. That these time- honoured clauses were no dead letter, is shown by the still surviving documents in which Chaucer deputed to Hugh Swayn and three others his duties of impressing workmen and impounding materials, by the constant petitions of medieval Parliaments against this system of " Purveyance" for the King's necessities, and by different earlier entries in the Letter- Books of the City of London. – Chaucer and His England by G. G. Coulton
  5. When he came at length to the ledge that formed a natural dam across the entrance, thereby impounding the water, he looked it over with greater care than when he had first trod upon it, to determine where would be the likeliest spot for a blast to break it down. – As It Was in the Beginning by Philip Verrill Mighels