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Spell check of immediate

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Correct spelling:
Without a medium; direct; without delay.
near (adjective)
neighborhood, local, adjacent, proximate, nearby, hairbreadth, by, close, near.
now (adjective)
contemporary, today's, contemporaneous, current.
punctual (adjective)
speedy, quick, expeditious, swift, prompt, punctual.
timeless (adjective)
instantaneous, timeless.
sudden (adjective)
sudden, precipitous, hasty, abrupt, unexpected, instantaneous, quick.
Other synonyms:
direct, united, clear, instantly, existing, next, broken, straightaway, present, straight, connected, ready, conterminous, time, prevailing, next door, at once, in progress, every minute counts, neighboring, contiguous, cosy, agile, primary, in time, live, critical, brittle, alive, nimble, instant, headlong, arm's-length, close, beside, prompt, alongside, beyond, fast, imperative, next to, after, promptly, at this time, instant, modern-day, acquainted, chummy, quick, subsequently, uppermost, clannish, straight away, someday, warm, following, important, spry, exigent, flying, attached, nigh, pressing, paramount, brotherly, ensuing, later, firsthand, as a matter of urgency/priority, right now, proximate, unmediated, urgent, it's now or never, since, suddenly, on-the-spot, subsequent, in the course of time, now, succeeding, on the front burner.
Examples of usage:
  1. The man thus addressed made immediate reply. no - "Indian Boyhood", [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman.
  2. doubt he had given it up- had gone back and reported that the enemy had disappeared from the immediate front. No - "Who Goes There?", Blackwood Ketcham Benson.
  3. Money for their immediate needs, he told them, he would provide. - "Cap'n Warren's Wards", Joseph C. Lincoln.

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