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Spell check of illusion

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Correct spelling:
Deceptive appearance; false show; error.
ghost (noun)
succubus, ghost, Frankenstein, ogre, phantasm, daemon, incubus, apparition, specter, horror, vampire, ghoul, nightmare, phantom, monster, shadow, chimera, myth, Dracula, bugbear, bogey man, spirit, hobgoblin, werewolf, terror, bugaboo.
Other synonyms:
faith, likeness, partiality, untruth, misunderstanding, whoremonger, fiction, fallacy, dissembling, semblance, misbelief, trick, deception, ideal, conjuring trick, caper, joke, deceit, conjuring, castle in the air, fast one, legerdemain, misrepresentation, colour, conceit, real, mistake, mirage, reverie, gloss, commitment, old wives' tale, philosophy, falsity, fraud, thought, color, fondness, confusion, psychotic belief, fancy, imaginings, put-on, vision, ignis fatuus, misconception, a figment of your imagination, antic, rainbow, thaumaturgy, optical illusion, dissimulation, daydream, head game, unreality, incantation, principle, make-believe, john, bubble, falsehood, idea, nonentity, figment, conjury, conjuration, phantasma, theory, error, fantasy, phantasy, hallucination, magic trick, whoremaster, false impression, delusion, pipe dream, image, prank, concept, invocation, magic, dream, belief.
Examples of usage:
  1. They abandon themselves without reserve to every illusion. - "Mushrooms on the Moor", Frank Boreham.
  2. There was mist or illusion in her calmness. no - "The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece", Anne Douglas Sedgwick.
  3. Perhaps there would be less illusion in having them represent a husband and wife. - "The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest", Margaret Vandercook.

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