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Spell check of idle

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Correct spelling:
To spendidly.
Unemployed; averse to labor; trifling; useless.
inert (adjective)
languorous, sedentary, lethargic, inactive, listless, motionless, languid, paralytic, insensible, dormant, sluggish, still, stagnant, reposing, vegetative, immobile, comatose, inanimate, passive, static, inert, stationary, lifeless, catatonic, apathetic.
motionless (adjective)
fixed, calm, unmoving, immobile, languid, becalmed, dead, standing, quiet, stationary, sleeping, tranquil, stagnant, vegetative, dormant, inactive, still, resting, inert, static, motionless.
inactive (adjective)
unemployed, still, sleepy, inactive, snail-paced, stationary, lethargic, lifeless, jobless, motionless, dormant, unmoving, sedentary, unworking.
stagnate (verb)
still, stagnate, hibernate, stop, immobilize, rest.
passive (adjective)
submissive, inert, acquiescent, yielding, placid, inactive, calm, complaisant, passive.
Other synonyms:
slothful, faulty, like a bull in a china shop, busy, waste, abstemious, at liberty, complacency, light-headed, hollow, shiftless, easy, empty, tick over, deserted, unprofitable, free, slothful, indolent, careless, sluggish, faint, savage, inert, do-nothing, interfere with, economy, worthless, all in, wakeful, grind, slog, trifling, off-duty, burn up, void, latent, swooning, utter, full, purposeless, rusty, unengaged, unjustifiable, lightsome, sluttish, bushed, shallow, unwarrantable, inefficient, barbaric, tripping, sluggard, leisured, slack, unaccented, groundless, gaga, shut off, pathetic, on the loose, light-colored, bottomless, dotty, available, inactive, untouched, untapped, used, vacant, at large, loose, clean, unsupported, stamp out, barren, unoccupied, remiss, leisure, down, tempestuous, untamed, devoted, uncivilized, dusty, open, squeeze out, light, half-assed, stagnate, clear, beat, supine, goldbricking, vain, frivolous, irresponsible, kill off, low-cal, fantastic, action, pointless, suppress, cycle, wanton, swig, lackadaisical, jobless, indefensible, scant, vain, unaffixed, abandoned, short, lazy, rambling, informal, active, cut out, raging, go, otiose, unwarranted, bone-idle, casual, cut into, work-shy, unclouded, wild, drained, hold back, workless, engagement, at full stretch, unjustified, promiscuous, lax, true, useless, lightheaded, raving mad, perfunctory, trivial, futile, risky, shiftless, inoperative, liberal, defective, fresh, lazy, angry, unfounded, inactive, kill, crazy, unemployed, sparing, baseless, godforsaken, barbarian, industrious, weak, lite, dead, unused, uncivilised, subdued, laze, escaped, undue, fire, faineant, indolent, complacent, economical, backfire, slipshod, insupportable, disused, ineffective, underemployed, furious, disuse, fallow, violent, bone-lazy, deadened, hazardous, slug, numb, out of work, off, uncultivated, flood, calorie-free.
Examples of usage:
  1. His pen must have had few idle moments! - "Their Son; The Necklace", Eduardo Zamacois.
  2. But before I went I saw that there were many others standing idle about the place." - "The Landleaguers", Anthony Trollope.
  3. The grandfather, meantime, had not been idle. - "Heidi", Johanna Spyri.

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