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Spell check of hunger

Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as hunger. On this page you can see how to spell hunger. Also, for some words, you can find their definitions, list of synonyms, as well as list of common misspellings.

Correct spelling:
Craving; desire for food; starvation.
To crave; to crave food.
desire (noun)
urge, wish, expectation, ardency, lust, longing, thirst, covetousness, eagerness, hope, craving, fondness, passion, acquisitiveness, desire, amorousness, yearning, need, itch, greed.
desire (verb)
thirst, pine, long, expect, desire, hope, want, welcome, grasp, lust, yearn, covet, fancy, crave, wish, itch, hanker, need.
hunger (verb)
thirst, lust, crave, covet, want, desire, need.
Other synonyms:
hungriness, avidness, sweet tooth, excitement, impatience, panting, letch, aridity, starve, emptiness, avidness, appetition, appetence, voracity, inclination, ardor, desirousness, keenness, belly, aching void, famish, desirousness, bottomless pit, void, on an empty stomach, mania, famine, jones, enthusiasm, desire for food, gluttony, enthusiasm, hankering, crave, pining, thirst, jones, have your heart set on (doing) something, lust, famishment, avidity, aspire, keenness, excitement, the munchies, ache, drive, ardor, aridness, starving, hankering, avidity, famishment, starvation, appetency, lust after, glut, appetite, emptiness, drought, letch, vacancy, ravenousness, polydipsia, pining, look for, greediness, taste, yen, belly, thirstiness, a stomach for, stomach, munchies, peckish, munchies, impatience, ravenous, hungry, peckishness, water, drive.
Examples of usage:
  1. I must work or die of hunger. - "Iermola", Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi.
  2. Half an hour afterward the sailors removed the food; and many of those who had refused to touch it soon regretted bitterly that they had not done so, for as the time went on hunger began to make itself felt. - "The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain", G. A. Henty.
  3. Hurry, or you will faint with hunger. - "The Happy Foreigner", Enid Bagnold.

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