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Spell check of house

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Correct spelling:
A dwelling- place; building; family; trading firm; branch of the legislature.
To protect by covering; shelter.
house (noun)
quarters, villa, castle, dwelling, residence, lodging, mansion, hacienda, condominium, domicile, homestead, cottage, habitation, bungalow, abode, casa, cabin, chateau, home.
occupy (verb)
colonize, reside, roost, dwell, billet, quarter, lodge, stay, inhabit, occupy, squat.
Other synonyms:
cabaret, cafe, commune, augury, signboard, stand, acid house, enterprise, please, under the banner of something, backdrop, big business, household, pad, home, lineage, feed, internal, auditorium, agent, abide, acquisition, hearthstone, signaling, full house, dig, outfit, canteen, backstage, carryout, theater, boarding house, signal, clan, affiliate, take in, kindred, dramatic art, shack, bluegrass, ingleside, theater of operations, aisle, excite, brook, phratry, sign, lair, colony, consort, lay on, ply with, mansion house, bunkhouse, extended family, coterie, establishment, roof, bear, backing, nursing home, contain, endure, harbor, agency, bebop, bar, brasserie, put forward, baronet, the biz, extrinsic, fit, contribute, can, hall, fellowship, ambient, mansion, audience, baroness, box office, dwelling house, apartment house, kinsfolk, create enthusiasm, firm, domiciliate, stock, contents, fashion show, accommodate, offer, cater, partnership, kin, mark, acid jazz, background music, provide, preindication, company, the gate, ancestry, folks, serve, mosh pit, bhangra, concertgoer, tribe, concern, polarity, floor, theatre of operations, legislature, anchor, archduke, harem, field, business firm, fringe, couturier, baron, people, council, place, category, box, catwalk, blue chip, Chinese, apron, hold, chalet, apartment building, tin, backup, digest, Court, account, menage, haute couture, base, line, extramural, congress, dramatics, Count, community, blood, fashion, bistro, fashionista, apartment, support, star sign, buffet, foretoken, theatre, fashion house, race, inner, put-up, nominate, include, aristocrat, countess, catch, moviegoer, class, burrow, tolerate, planetary house, great, family line, group, balcony, nourish, suffer, rest home, stick out, folk, manse, mob, collection, syndicate, family unit, crime syndicate, field of operations, have, plate, aristocracy, set up, business, home plate, sept, cafeteria, adobe, on the inside, organization, domicil, kinsperson, family, the Brady Bunch, fireside, hearth, home base, post, Goth, hole, rear, the, backcloth, institutional, erect, captive audience, raise, dramaturgy, diggings, baronetcy, interest, protection, sign of the zodiac, parliament, blues, stomach, corporation, kinfolk.
Examples of usage:
  1. " I've not seen the house," said I. " It looks fine." - "The Passionate Friends", Herbert George Wells.
  2. Then- " Is that Lord house?" Banff's - "Anthony Lyveden", Dornford Yates.
  3. Won't you let me go up to the house with you? - "A Hazard of New Fortunes", William Dean Howells.

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