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Spell check of horrid

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Correct spelling:
Dreadful; shocking.
awful (adjective)
appalling, repulsive, alarming, frightful, dreadful, ghastly, terrible, unpleasant, awful, dire, horrible, hideous.
Other synonyms:
noxious, rancid, nauseous, unconscionable, horrendous, nasty, nightmare, distasteful, exorbitant, shocking, steep, hideous, abhorrent, repugnant, ugly, nauseating, nightmarish, obnoxious, offensive, terrific, macabre, scandalous, fear, like, dread, monstrous, loathsome, odious, horrific, grisly, unwholesome, evil, shameful, disgusting, vile, indecent, beautiful, foul, noisome, fulsome, extortionate, repellent, taboo, usurious, revolting, disturbing, shocking, gross, grim, gruesome, frightening, pain, dreaded, bloodcurdling, lurid, abominable, pitiful, detestable, outrageous, sickening, bad, horrifying, hair-raising, despicable, direful, fearful, fearsome, atrocious, obscene.
Examples of usage:
  1. Yet if I was to wait upon the weather, for how long should I be kept a prisoner in this horrid place? - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.
  2. And just fancy, Celestina, that horrid Alie said it was very rude of me to have asked you to ask me. - "The Rectory Children", Mrs Molesworth.
  3. Why then he can prove, I am sure, that it must be somewhere or other in this horrid old chimney. - "I and My Chimney", Herman Melville.

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