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Spell check of hope

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Correct spelling:
Expectation of good; that which is hoped for, or occasions hope.
To desire and expect.
To expect good.
hope (verb)
want, expect, contemplate, intend, assume, trust, await, aspire, wish, anticipate, yearn, desire, rely, presume, dream of, believe.
hope (noun)
sureness, desire, expectation, wish, aspiration, yearning, optimism, contemplation, presumption, faith, eagerness, confidence, anticipation.
petition (verb)
petition, claim, aspire, apply, seek, bid, compete.
desire (verb)
thirst, pine, long, expect, desire, hunger, want, welcome, grasp, lust, yearn, covet, fancy, crave, wish, itch, hanker, need.
desire (noun)
urge, wish, expectation, ardency, lust, longing, thirst, covetousness, eagerness, hunger, craving, fondness, passion, acquisitiveness, desire, amorousness, yearning, need, itch, greed.
Other synonyms:
no news is good news, look forward to, with any luck, choice, seem, support, vision, perhaps, try for, lust after, may, swear, intrust, possibilities, future, investment, I hope not, have your heart set on (doing) something, pious hope, trust, opportunity, endurance, fortune, hold, if I may say (so), mainstay, access, I would prefer it if, belief, go for, ideally, consent, bank, gain, Leslie Townes Hope, scope, I trust (that), achievement, watch, strength, end, promise, purpose, the initiative, chance, break, dream, pardon me, apprehend, take to, entrust, a ray of light/comfort, window of opportunity, excuse me, forecast, foretaste, do you mind?, opening, prayer, commit, I'd like to think (that), light at the end of the tunnel, confide, accept, let's hope, prop, bet, bob hope, utopia, goal, hopefully, look for, concern, pardon, reward.
Examples of usage:
  1. I have hope! no - "The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters", George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie.
  2. I did so hope I should have a good night. - "The Book of Dragons", Edith Nesbit.
  3. " See you again, I hope," said Aubrey. - "Gargoyles", Ben Hecht.

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