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Spell check of home

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Correct spelling:
One's house or country.
Pertaining to home; close.
To one's home; to the full depth.
house (noun)
quarters, villa, castle, dwelling, residence, lodging, mansion, hacienda, condominium, domicile, house, cottage, habitation, bungalow, abode, casa, cabin, chateau, homestead.
domestic (adjective)
family, household, domestic, home-made.
Other synonyms:
ballpark, blank space, kinsperson, ABEND, a roof over your head, apartment building, position, hearthstone, scale, lieu, basis, AstroTurf, citizenry, cornerstone, alkali, understructure, fireside, phratry, category, stead, plaza, builder, kinfolk, post, base of operations, mob, base, class, home office, town, legal residence, derive, main office, groundwork, extended family, kinsfolk, foot, domestic, Bluetooth, plate, eldest, photographic plate, dependent, business firm, blood relation, familiar, the body politic, stem, seat, countrywoman, roof, theater, shoes, al-Qa'ida, comfortable, inhabitancy, occupant, denture, root, collection plate, house, firm, national, interior, blind certificate, range, motherland, folk, dig, derivation, fatherland, clanswoman, abode, syndicate, domicile, bookmark, hospice, aboriginal, clay, spring from, internal, habitation, dwelling, theatre, station, baseline, radical, mother country, dental plate, domicil, blogosphere, al-Qaeda, shelter, citizenship, countryman, at bat, chalet, fellowship, elder, haunt, family, headquarters, sign of the zodiac, come from, property, Boolean, crease, infrastructure, household, territory, community, dwelling, central office, ball girl, family line, birthright, mother country, piazza, homey, source, hearth, inhabitation, the bench, office, radix, cradle, place, spot, shell, fundament, citizen, sept, root word, crime syndicate, sod, star sign, menage, occupier, house, blood, apartment, compatriot, residence, ball, home plate, ingleside, motherland, hospital, pedestal, homely, home base, kin, family unit, balk, bleachers, floor, adobe, space, environment, originate, dwelling house, clansman, bunkhouse, stamping ground, nursing home, address, diggings, stand, baseball, protection, abode, ball boy, homeland, court, topographic point, theme, rest home, sign, bag, substructure, the box, access number, bowl, boarding house, black sheep, habitation, asylum, charge, back, origin, nucleotide, niche, the elder, al-Qaida, homeward, planetary house, the home front, account name, billet, habitat, batboy, crustal plate, pad, plateful, foundation, anonymous FTP, alley, situation, berth.
Examples of usage:
  1. Can't we go home in her? - "Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure", Victor Appleton.
  2. " Help me back home. - "Growth of the Soil", Knut Hamsun.
  3. to go back- home on. That's gramaw's, - "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.

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