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Correct spelling:
Seizure; grasp; support; prison; fortress; custody; interior of a ship.
To keep; sustain; restrain; grasp; celebrate; consider.
To remain fixed; derive right.
command (verb)
reign, dominate, govern, grasp, master, sway, control, manage, direct, grip, charge, discipline, rule, command, coordinate.
contain (verb)
receive, enclose, comprise, accommodate, stow, contain, include.
grip (verb)
clasp, have, keep, clutch, adhere, grip, grapple, seize, embrace, grasp, retain.
withdraw (verb)
suppress, recall, reserve, withhold, retain, revoke, retract, withdraw, recant, keep.
command (noun)
commission, direction, will, law, charge, prowess, government, supremacy, command, management, power, mastery, domination, reign, rule, sovereignty, control, sway, mandate, coordination, discipline, grasp, grip, authority.
stop (verb)
stop, halt, cease, pause, end, terminate, freeze, stay.
enclose (verb)
imprison, encircle, enclose, encompass, impound, trap, contain, fence, cover, envelop, cage, embrace, surround, confine, corral.
retain (verb)
reserve, preserve, hinder, conserve, retain, maintain, prevent.
possess (verb)
own, monopolize, acquire, possess, claim, have.
believe (verb)
believe, affirm, trust, conclude, deem, accept, assent, profess, give faith, suppose, maintain, take for granted, presume, understand, assume, credit, surmise, judge, declare, put faith in, gather.
Other synonyms:
take a leak, climbing wall, conquer, thwart, true, contract, loosen up, dungeon, serenade, pass water, regularize, think, let in, shoot, patronage, clench, wee, gestate, earn, pick out, turn out, exercise, ingest, allow, proceed, arouse, patronise, endorse, appeal, reckon, hold water, bear out, adopt, retard, have a mind of your own, open, enforce, flirt with, bandage, hit, conciliate, return, state, nourish, capture, shoulder, haul, stick to, expect, stool, get hold of, defy, toy with, take in, nuzzle, remember, crap, fit in, confirm, call up, give, continuity, have, limit, bread and butter, lock away, sing along, cast, read, use up, establish, appreciation, obligate, checker, fit, grant, bow, catch, clutches, wait, deferment, monopoly, busy signal, excite, befuddle, stockpile, represent, grip, progress to, channel, stanch, house, substantiate, take, burn off, put up, give birth, make up, ascertain, harbor, necessitate, compel, clutch bag, comport, constipate, pass on, engage, wet-nurse, caress, suffer, patronize, brake, detention, learn, oligopoly, drop, tap, realise, do something from memory, fancy, film, lactate, spellbind, caving, stem, cast off, bemuse, obtain, bond, try for, press, aisle seat, pull in, bedevil, have in, flip, shield, incarcerate, fight down, keep in line, pay, compass, resist, sacrifice, restraint, utilise, canvass, fascinate, batch, tie down, dial, stick, abseil, embosom, aver, constancy, voice, bristle with, bilge, postulate, throw away, owned, level, make believe, assert, believe in, exert, bookable, triumph, crane, ignite, survive, rivet, watch, confuse, offer, make no secret of something, hold fast, go along, make water, rent, feature, live on, jog, let yourself go, restrain, secure, take hold, assure, founder, shed, create, bobby pin, bring in, cave in, keep open, obstruct, remain, aim, gift, handle, think of, back, recognize, strike, provoke, surrender, kiss, micturate, keep back, time lag, know best, look at, stimulate, climber, tingle, pat, cop, crouch, inhibit, declare, be stamped on your memory/mind, nail, pick up, acknowledge, intromit, keep from, consecrate, wash, tolerate, put on, transmit, hug, orchestrate, attain, board, hands, pass, feel, manifest, staunch, ca-ca, show, stand up, insure, touch, keep on, fight back, might, arrange, truss, standardize, think back, handling, conduct, kibosh, arr., chequer, book on, subjugate, remove, bring/call someone/something to mind, ascent, kick in, switch, blade, moderate, take to, reconcile, livelihood, use, condition, bring, store up, oblige, grasp, hire, harmonise, wee-wee, live, mesmerize, admit, work out, manipulate, indorse, give away, longevity, amidships, forbear, suit, require, fight, lead, deferral, got, besiege, incline, nominate, deport, cuddle, busy, form, turn over, trammel, die hard, traction, correspond, fuddle, pretend, conceal, make prisoner, bar, take a shit, prevail, stand for, consume, give up to, detainment, bewilder, fill, endure, figure, spend a penny, check off, set up, aboard, permanence, deal, take prisoner, digest, present, restrict, seem, full, dare, contents, bus, balance, observe, take on, submit, warm up, squeeze, walk away with, admiration, drive, contribute, go on, continue, wield, crack, appear, cargo deck, hope, set aside, burn, back up, arrest, continuation, soften, oppose, seduce, check out, jog along, train, consort, tick off, persuade, hold open, need, travelling bag, yield, block, plan, sing, abide, hand, puddle, encumber, take into custody, refuse, intercept, look into, find out, reserve, break, throw off, enfold, breastfeed, lend oneself, free, bubble, devote, take a crap, build, tie, produce, suitcase, asseverate, tick, halt, apprehend, deliver, range, constrain, let, campaign, practice, be a great/firm believer in something, holdup, leadership, impart, storm, call, ensure, mince, afloat, clip, preservation, sustenance, imagine, consider, disturb, think about, tone down, check up on, sweep to/from power, afford, earmark, discernment, go, apply, behave, do, guard, chip in, uphold, hold up, base camp, temper, take charge, underpin, boom, bend, chair, confound, hold back, sustain, climbing, gain, coincide, ruffle, take away, demand, belong to, grab, give way, move over, exact, piss, intimidate, fox, climb, cumber, mark, work, study, tie up, check over, lift, throw, go over, custody, utilize, adapt, defend, clear, cut back, bowsprit, put away, entertain, make, adjudge, contain, curb, stamp down, burrow, suss out, incur, cargo hold, stomach, invoke, fend for, cower, bring before, piddle, suck, draw, cite, prepare, dribble, clutch pedal, determine, circumscribe, chasten, storage area, celebrate, contend, bag, berth, silence, see, recollect, corroborate, agree, run, handgrip, guide, hold off, donjon, hairgrip, convey, convene, charter, taste, appropriate, stage, organize, employ, announce, opine, ready, occupy, concur, hold down, lodge, concord, implement, persist, enthrall, operate, rate, brush, plunk for, check into, pee, outlive, thrust, keep going, answer, defecate, attach, extend, get to, cut off, consistency, stay fresh, withstand, sing out, allow in, double over, adhesive friction, curtail, greatness, keep, prove out, arrive at, accord, pin, opinion, clasp, clutch, hold in, avow, booking, chant, subscribe, catch up, hurl, in, urinate, rouse, stand firm, mark off, hold on, select, tend, take over, boast, take control, eternity, commit, harbour, bit, render, tame, enjoy, beam, affect, fall in, aft, experience, hump, choose, realize, ward, bosom, pin down, survival, cause, retain, vocalize, living, avouch, collect, name, adhere to, see to it, sense, gibe, postponement, go for, jail, awaken, express, get in, invade, last, tally, hoard, inspire, pee-pee, contrive, rein, post, hold someone for ransom, sculpt, institutionalize, crook, have a bun in the oven, involve, view as, hold out, express yourself, transport, check, have got, annex, stick up, champion, bay, choreograph, intern, leave, shake off, waiting, lease, wear, brook, project, booking office, stock, take for, bound, clinch, nab, burst/break into song, cargo area, subscribe to, get, take up, match, grow in, bear, give suck, ease up, stabilize, overflow, ascend, constitute, birth, stick in your mind/memory, subdue, ask, maintain, support, planned, lay down, reach, score, schlep, call back, relive, fix, keep up, call for, immobilize, book, carry, save, detain, predominate, collar, jibe, carry a tune, find, relieve oneself, sorted, feed, allege, argue, take aim, throttle, suckle, transfix, nurse, caller, confine, delay, suspect, plump for, stand, croon, be burdened with something, collapse, consent, incorporate, say, arraign, prolong, dedicate, bridle, induce, pack, display, limber up, cook, nurture, firm up, bind, turn back, stability, canyoneering, bestride, traveling bag, contact, generate, construct, shit, perceptiveness, discombobulate, verify, harmonize, stick out, force, acquit, call in.
Examples of usage:
  1. What if she did keep hold of the money? - "Command", William McFee.
  2. How I should like to get hold of him! - "Virgin Soil", Ivan S. Turgenev.
  3. It's a hold up! - "The Boy Scouts On The Range", Lieut. Howard Payson.

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