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Spell check of hobble

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Correct spelling:
A limping gait; difficulty.
To walk lamely.
disable (verb)
impair, vitiate, cramp, dull, tamper, undermine, enfeeble, weaken, abrogate, handicap, deaden, incapacitate, neutralize, invalidate, stun, disarm, prostrate, paralyze, lame, disable, scotch, cripple, hamper, benumb, hinder, sap, stupefy, anesthetize, hamstring, screw up, botch.
stumble (verb)
limp, stagger, stumble, totter, falter.
Other synonyms:
harness, interfere with, stop, iron, truss, squeeze out, thumb, enlistment, cut into, trammel, restraint, suppress, halt, buck, handcuff, fetter, rub, wobble, kill off, gyve, restrain, tie, manacle, hog-tie, duty tour, hinderance, chain, hindrance, limp, help, shut off, interference, preventative, dodder, teeter, hang-up, jerk, yoke, stay, toddle, snag, check, encumbrance, incumbrance, tour, term of enlistment, arrest, tether, reel, leash, hold back, bond, stamp out, gimp, free, clog, kill, stoppage, preventive, catch, hitch, gag, tour of duty, hopple, shackle, hitchhike, move, tie up.
Examples of usage:
  1. One end of a long rope is tied to the collar, passed backward between the front limbs, through a ring in the hobble and back over the outside of the shoulder and under the collar. - "Common Diseases of Farm Animals", R. A. Craig, D. V. M..
  2. He had cut the hobble, as well as the device of the old medicine man. - "Indian Boyhood", [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman.
  3. All these men could walk or hobble along somehow with help. - "The Romantic", May Sinclair.

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