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Spell check of hitch

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Correct spelling:
A jerk; obstacle; kind of noose.
To hook; jerk; fasten.
To move by jerks; be caught.
fastener (noun)
string, cincture, suture, link, zipper, hasp, skewer, weld, brad, knot, strap, brace, bonding, medium, pin, fastening, splice, hook, rivet, binder, mediator, connector, cotter, catch, twine, fuse, lace, tie, clasp, anchor, stay, buckle, bond, coupling, band, middleman, staple, clamp, hinge, guy, closure, belt, go-between, mucilage, ligament, latch, clip, vise, cement, braid, binding, paste, nail, thread, chain, cinch, tack, lock, seal, bolt, spike, rabbet, bracket, button, stitch, glue, cleat, agent, hawser, fastener, snap, knitting, clinch, vinculum, grapnel.
interruption (noun)
stay, pause, postponement, recess, snag, suspension, hiatus, reprieve, interruption, relief, break, interval, stoppage, delay, interlude.
attach (verb)
splice, wed, attach, couple, stick, merge, relate, join, bond, connect, marry, cling, fasten, adhere, abut, annex, affix, bind, juxtapose.
fasten (verb)
splice, sew, chain, knot, zip, knit, bind, stitch, bracket, couple, buckle, string, lace, cement, fuse, paste, weave, baste, braid, tack, strap, tie, tether, glue, plait, stay, weld, suture, hinge, lash, connect, link, fasten, clinch.
Other synonyms:
burrow, encumbrance, take hold of, hitchhike, check mark, incumbrance, period, assay, wrinkle, entrance, layover, plosive consonant, tick, noose, plosive speech sound, stop, trip up, blip, catch up with, bother, stopover, onus, plosive, rent, commute, secure, birth control device, screw, bridle, grab, shuttle, point, enamour, cover, cheque, stay, bestride, tear, wipe, stop consonant, impediment, finger, pick up, jerk, fascinate, charm, enamor, occlusive, triviality, tangle, occlusion, halt, bow, limp, check-out procedure, marriage, hiccup, rub, burden, go down, tour of duty, contraceptive, hobble, noise, prophylactic, baulk, shoot down, full point, disturbance, becharm, crouch, deterrent, beguile, hindrance, blockage, hopple, pinch, take in, yank, yoke, view, term of enlistment, preventive, watch, see, contraceptive device, captivate, turn, capture, chit, check, rip, diaphragm, espouse, catch, teething problems, trance, hang-up, overtake, move, handicap, freeze, thumb, the thin end of the wedge, spell, fix, glitch, cruise, obstacle, verification, go against, balance, snag, twitch, confirmation, prophylactic device, crane, enchant, preventative, hinderance, go, (just) the tip of the iceberg, intervention, interference, tour, stoppage, apprehension, loop, flip, get, crook, ride, shoot, riffle, bend, checkout, overhear, cower, arrest, buck, collar, charge, fetter, load, mate, curb, enlistment, bank check, tab, difficulty, riff, gimp, substantiation, split, double over, bewitch, come up, circuit, block, chip, duty tour, full stop, leaf, taking into custody, balk, flick.
Examples of usage:
  1. If hitch you should be back before dawn, with time to spare. there's no - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..
  2. " There was a kind of- hitch at one time," he admitted; " but it's all right now." - "April Hopes", William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009.
  3. These were to be packed, covered with a mantle, and caught by " the diamond hitch." - "The Eagle's Heart", Hamlin Garland.

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