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Spell check of high

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Correct spelling:
Aloft; eminently.
Lofty; eminent; chief; arrogant; strong; dear.
shrill (adjective)
loud, penetrating.
important (adjective)
crucial, serious, chief, fundamental, central, key, significant, vital, essential, necessary, meaningful, major.
high (adjective)
atmospheric, lofty, tall.
size (adjective)
measurable, magnificent, great, bulky, broad, expansive, portly, sizable, corpulent, large, wide, amplitudinous, chunky, big, voluminous, extensive, dimensional, long.
schools (noun)
comprehensive school, boarding school, church school, convent school, College, comp, community college, conservatory, charm school, academy.
elevated (verb)
low, flying, aerial, above, raised, depressed, hovering.
expensive (adjective)
expensive, precious, costly, high-priced.
Other synonyms:
glad, steep, coastal, acrid, topmost, gone, powerful, racy, high school, crapulent, C, richly, bombed, countertenor, aloft, stinko, the Beaufort scale, pinched, smashed, fresh, thrill, gritty, nasal, deep-sea, lanky, steep, stewed, pleasure, milestone, high-level, intoxicated, Al-Anon, widely, addicted, basket, inebriated, heavy, noble, distinguished, psyched, drunk, over, bulging, literally, spiky, unusual, altitudinous, dependence, boozy, climactic, tripping, east, luxuriously, crapulous, highschool, senior high, drunken, centigrade, value, wasted, falsetto, kick, alcoholism, decimalise, elated, tremendous, mellow, abuse, extravagantly, fond hope/wish/dream etc., perfectly, new, adenoidal, wiped-out, tipsy, top, jumpy, formidable, heightened, pixilated, choppy, gale-force, absolute, euphoria, up in space, above, eighties, lank, boot, easterly, jammed, tenor, particular, breaking point, the moment of truth, low-rise, bang, high-priced, highlight, cramped, excite, squeaking, bureau de change, in heaven, precipitous, hopped-up, high-pitched, American, spunky, game, laid-back, calm, packed, sodden, freshwater, lift, upper, force, unrealistic, designated driver, soused, leading, pure, average, happy, crossroads, postgraduate, alive, especially, sky-high, currency, style, screechy, bombed-out, substantial, biting, without restraint, loaded, juicy, coast-to-coast, level, Drugs, extraordinary, stinking, altogether, soaring, Alcoholics Anonymous, high-topped, binge drinking, short, elevated, in flood, happiness, naughty, sharp, wallop, advanced, odorous, besotted, funky, piercing, grand, odorless, strong, potted, high pressure, towering, continental, shrieky, contentment, mellowed, tight, eloquent, acute, climax, fluvial, elation, base currency, utmost, carefree, classical, shrilly, boozed, ecstasy, squealing, creaky, teeming, important, high up, change, costly, fetid, lofty, looped, jollity, contented, hooked, denominate, high gear, delirium tremens, complete, colossal, diminutive, musty, proud, commanding, high-top, redolent, altissimo, gentle, busy, blissed out, inebriate, malodorous, joy, reedy, following, immense, swollen, raised, mettlesome, high-stepping, gamey, overlooking, eminent, sloshed, degree, satisfied, convertible, completely, zonked, exuberant, dear, clear, full, content, high-flown, overflowing, in high spirits, decimalize, lavishly, cockeyed, uppermost, gamy, spirited, treble, AA, blue, expansively, tall, important, immemorial, knee-high, exacting, dominating, expensive, giant, cheerful, plastered, exalted, eminent, pleased, piping, doped, uplifted, plaintive, dearest, great, bicoastal, risque, odoriferous, crowded, soprano, senior high school, Celsius, F., screaky, lofty, standard, classically, watershed, dense, turning point, faint, higher, considerable, Anglo-Saxon, ancient, gigantic, gusty, Baltic, crocked, towering, entire, special, briny, laden, king-size, cutting, shrilling, bimetallic strip, Arctic, fierce, delight, peak, anglophone, abroad, lit, boiling point, fusty, vast, drugged, strung out, spicy, the point of no return, absolute zero, peaky, sopranino, Fahrenheit, flooding, congested, last, increase, huge, pickled, high-stepped, alto, metallic, squeaky, frowzy, common currency, climactical, tipsy, icky, blind, amply, turned-on, nirvana, graduate, heights, shrill, spaced-out, exalted, cheers, Anglo-American, furious, broad, enormous, stoned, nasty.
Examples of usage:
  1. It is wonderful to think that after three years of war the spirit of our men should still be so high and proud that they will stand to certain death like this. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.
  2. " Oh, you will see him," answered if you look high enough! Katipah, " - "The Blue Moon", Laurence Housman.
  3. too high now. Crick's - "The Call of the Canyon", Zane Grey.

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