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Spell check of hick

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
country cousin, unsophisticated, rustic, Arcadian, bucolic, rube, unworldly, bumpkin, pastoral, countryfied, countrywoman, yahoo, uncomplicated, campestral, agrestic, country, provincial, countrified, rural, hayseed, bumpkinly, urban, yokel, villager, countryman, chawbacon.
Examples of usage:
  1. Remember Skid, the young college hick that I helped find his when he first hit the Corrugated? footin' - "On With Torchy", Sewell Ford.
  2. And here she ups and marries offhand this two- fisted young hick who turns out to be bad inside. - "On With Torchy", Sewell Ford.
  3. Months on the run only to get done in a hick town in North Carolina. - "Underground", Suelette Dreyfus.

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