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Spell check of haul

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Correct spelling:
A pull; draught, as of fishes.
To pull with force; drag.
booty (noun)
prize, boodle, catch, swag, graft, plunder, loot, spoils, booty, bag.
carry (verb)
transfer, shift, move, carry, remove, send, convey, deliver, cart, dispatch, bear, transmit, express, transport.
ship (verb)
transport, ship, convey, carry, truck, forward, transfer.
pull (verb)
tug, jerk, drag, pull, draw, yank, grab, tow.
steal (verb)
shoplift, heist, swipe, abstract, pirate, hijack, poach, shanghai, mug, extort, embezzle, rustle, swindle, rob, palm, steal, plagiarize, grab, lift, pilfer, defraud, stickup, cop, fleece, pocket, loot, burglarize, holdup, plunder, nip, blackmail, filch.
Other synonyms:
hold, freight, gimmick, catch, feast, drag on, hooking, bombardment, angling, bring someone up on charges of something, drop behind, allege, impeach, concentration, trip, complex, drag out, in the end, squeeze, cornucopia, carrier, cast, taking into custody, achievement, collar, hook, bill of lading, coerce, cart, allure, force, incline, bait, delivery, wrench, distance, lure, draw, accomplishment, bring, summit, haulage, hale, burden, plant, bring before, cargo, carriage, scuff, standoff, puff, over, dredge, bonanza, pluck, sweep, traction, lead, tangle, draw play, drag in, yield, the fruit/fruits of something, take, bounty, tear at, pinch, ill-gotten gains, voyage, attract, lading, capture, apprehension, find, loading, implicate, handiwork, impost, realization, draw poker, arrest, induce, for a time at time, for a long time, shoulder, consignment, attainment, bill of entry, hang back, attraction, contraband, trail, drawing card, tie, draft, be burdened with something, feat, heavy, attractor, attracter, a feather in your cap, pluck at, get behind, load, strain, lot, stop, dock, drop back, push, drag, prefer charges (against someone), avalanche, blizzard, blood sports, sweep up, indict, hump, snap, deluge, pressure, charge, bite, prosecute, snatch, heave, big game, accuse, payload, cascade, weight, entice, schlep, embroil, match, conquest.
Examples of usage:
  1. Now for the first time he was caught up in the fabric of the Crimson Net that a few years later was to haul nearly all Europe into war. - "The War After the War", Isaac Frederick Marcosson.
  2. " We can buy a motor- truck," suggested Mary, " to haul our stuff to town; we can build a new shed to keep ut in." an' mebbe - "A Reversible Santa Claus", Meredith Nicholson.
  3. Then, as that is the case, I see we must all keep the same firm grip on the creatures we have always had, and haul them over the edge, but we must not do it any more without letting them know about it- it isn't honest. - "The Tinder-Box", Maria Thompson Daviess.

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