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Spell check of Hastened

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Correct spelling:
expedited (verb)
promoted, facilitated, accelerated, furthered, advanced, quickened, expedited, hurried.
hastened (verb)
bustled, sped, accelerated, hustled, hurried, pushed, spurred, urged, expedited, flurried, rushed, quickened.
motivated (verb)
stricken, moved, launched, encouraged, energized, catapulted, inspired, fired, hurtled, nudged, flung, slung, jerked, jostled, induced, pushed, fomented, thrust, impelled, struck, jogged, forced, magnetized, propelled, motivated, poked, prodded, driven, prompted, drove, triggered, threw, stimulated, bumped, knocked, lobbed, shot, thrown, provoked, hurled, pitched, instigated, rammed, urged, heaved, enticed, goaded, punched, shoved, jolted, fermented.
Examples of usage:
  1. I gave a shriek of delight and hastened up to tea in the top room with the news. - "Fanny Goes to War", Pat Beauchamp.
  2. He greeted the news with delight, and hastened to make ready. - "New-Arabian-Nights", Stevenson, Robert Louis.
  3. Now sounded a general " good- night," and every one hastened home. - "The Student-Life of Germany", William Howitt.

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