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How do you spell hard in words?

How to write hard? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Firm; solid; difficult; painful; severe; laborious.
With difficulty; urgently; laboriously; near; close.
solid (adjective)
stable, physical, concrete, set, dense, substantial, firm, solid.
tenacious (adjective)
tenacious, bold, strong, tireless, steadfast, persevering, stiff, determined, flintlike, stony, obstinate, fervent, hearty, stubborn, true, decisive, indefatigable, faithful, resolute, bulldogged, insistent, strong-willed, plucky, spunky, staunch, diligent, enduring, devoted, courageous, dogged, obdurate, undaunted, dauntless, brave, headstrong, unflagging, tough, persistent, indomitable, bullheaded.
difficult (adjective)
finicky, fussy, rough, laborious, oppressive, demanding, severe, cumbersome, tough, wearisome, burdensome, knotty, uphill, complex, rugged, grinding, formidable, wearying, harsh, difficult, complicated, onerous, thorny, adverse, trying, strenuous, tricky, wearing, arduous, contrary, cantankerous, bothersome, troublesome, stressful, ticklish, tight, toilsome.
adverse (adjective)
tragic, detrimental, adverse, catastrophic, antipathetic, distressful, unfriendly, opposing, calamitous, unfavorable, troublesome, unfortunate, inauspicious, untoward, unlucky, unpropitious, burdensome, grievous, woeful, disastrous, difficult, perilous, miserable.
severe (adjective)
exacting, grim.
insensitive (adjective)
dispassionate, hardhearted, hard-boiled, insensitive, unemotional, detached, tough, hardened, unconcerned, aloof, passive, callous, cool, objective, stony, indifferent, apathetic, unfeeling, emotionless, anesthetized, cold-blooded, uncompassionate, blunt, unsympathetic, nonchalant, ruthless, heartless, numb, passionless.
hard (adjective)
firm, rigid, solid, stiff, callous.
Other synonyms:
hateful, petrous, pachydermatous, embarrassing, unappealing, pick-and-shovel, knockout, gravid, erect, be an effort, intransigent, cold-hearted, operose, arduous, levelheaded, frightful, heavily, incontrovertible, uphill, incompressible, firm, marmorean, hardened, as if your life depends on it, matter-of-fact, laborious, bad, stiff-necked, unpadded, hard-nosed, inarguable, brutal, moiling, unmerciful, last-ditch, indubitable, calculating, disenfranchised, flinty, unverbalised, searing, stout, unrelenting, effortful, hard-hearted, evil, elusive, slatey, set, pragmatic, self-willed, blistering, rainy, fearless, heavy, troublesome, rocky, scheming, fresh, hefty, pertinacious, certain, self-opinionated, excess, problematic, intemperate, solid, adamant, expectant, just, dour, labourious, affectless, pat, cloggy, stubborn, austere, cast-iron, punishing, undisputable, documentary, steely, intemperately, delicate, saturated, settled, securely, lignified, embittered, crisp, remorseless, concerted, vigorously, unwaveringly, informed, flowing, unyielding, acrimonious, hellacious, exigent, sore, severely, positive, ruffianly, excite, comfort, leaden, brackish, cruel, pragmatical, sullen, thick-skinned, threatening, semihard, case-hardened, awkward, sturdy, wakeless, hardy, vexed, sure, ossified, merciless, icy, biting, sternly, with child, unromantic, insensate, fearful, down-to-earth, factual, raw, shrewd, soured, packed, excruciating, velar, baffling, vigorous, acute, unuttered, unexpressed, nonfictional, strict, ticklish, ponderous, inviolable, full bore, perverse, daring, granitelike, moist, valid, rolling, realistic, sensible, granitic, terrible, unsparing, unvoiced, voiceless, aphonic, conniving, powerful, unattractive, ambitious, impenetrable, unassailable, unenviable, taxing, exhausting, stimulating, practical, rancorous, dangerous, hardhanded, bitter, tough, furious, unpleasant, grim, seriously, wet, fermented, boiling, murderous, gravely, calculative, desensitized, saline, great, al dente, commonsensical, commonsensible, audacious, lowering, rugged, unbending, painstaking, uncharitable, pitiless, unspoken, tall, thorny, soulless, rocklike, hellacious, tight, virulent, opinionated, stark, take-no-prisoners, challenging, chlorinated, marmoreal, definitely, serious, inflexible, hot, cold, straining, immovable, fractious, tough-minded, potent, reasonable, vicious, spartan, weighed down, frosty, compassionless, frost, steadfastly, laboured, disfranchised, all-out, reasoned, carefully, unyielding, vehement, stonyhearted, labored, final, two-fisted, continue, heavy-duty, historical, tricky, implacable, pigheaded, Augean, strenuously, stiff, fleshy, gruelling, impregnable, uncompromising, sticky, unsaid, hardheaded, clayey, enceinte, explosive, abuse, stony, ice over, horny, laboriously, inhuman, slash-and-burn, almighty, severe, be harsh toward, catchy, attitude, unattackable, big, rough, willful, rock-hard, literal, by the sweat of your brow, inexpugnable, woody, love, prosaic, awful, secure, definite, acrid, rigorous, violent, monstrous, thick, aerated, unstated, vengeful, hornlike, inconvincible, incontestable, wicked, hard-bitten, life-threatening, overweight, plosive, inured, harsh, voteless, flat out, backbreaking, glare ice, resist, determinate, adamantine, ingestion, compact, exquisite, sound, dreadful, toilsome, fearsome, indisputable, easy, surd, brisk, heavy, unkind, intoxicating, rational, stonelike, exacting, justified, fierce, lumbering, firmly, problematical, in all weather(s), slaty, badly, mulish, ghastly, soft, profound, flat, well-founded, disagreeable, unverbalized, resentful, spirituous, black ice, hard-handed, weighty, icicle, heroic, sweaty, hard-boiled, be painful to, sharp, inhuman, unsettled, heavy-handed, authentic, unquestionable, bleak, ferocious, real, stern, active, breathed, unmanageable, grueling, stale, ironhearted, intensive, sonorous, testing, hard-fought, objectionable, logical, knotty, showery, trying, deep, irrefutable, large, concentrated, warm, grave, murderous, intoxicative, to a great extent, excruciating, commonsense, nasty, drizzly, ramrod, keen, herculean, petrified, dilute, frozen, tumid, indurate, difficult, killer, undeniable, sober, inhumane, strong, alcoholic, toughened, authoritarian, corneous, hard-and-fast.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Now, back again as hard as you can go! - "On the Banks of the Amazon", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. It was hard to be away from her. - "The Short Works of George Meredith", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009.
  3. It must be hard to work here. - "The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.

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