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Spell check of happen

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Correct spelling:
To come to pass; occur by chance.
occur (verb)
occur, ensue, arise, eventuate, befall, transpire, develop, follow.
happen (verb)
take place, pass, come to pass, transpire, ensue, occur.
Other synonyms:
go down, excrete, top, kick the bucket, go past, go through, meet, do, emit, go down, make pass, exceed, come off, feel, surpass, authorise, snuff it, sink, fall, line up, pass away, hazard, perish, get hold, go by, demote, devolve, come out, authorize, determine, receive, go along, be, cook, give-up the ghost, take on, discover, lapse, come across, progress, legislate, slip by, conk, tumble on, return, recover, croak, gamble, knock, spring, rule, pass off, witness, transcend, cook, obtain, put across, incur, come down, find, repeat, befall, go on, cash in one's chips, guide, adventure, pass along, dislodge, recur, communicate, appear, keep, bump, be, buy the farm, meet up with, take place, overhaul, draw, lead, hand, egest, come to pass, see, make it, clear, run across, turn over, choke, exit, bechance, occur, go, come around, proceed, play, issue, run, travel by, give, find out, come on, chance, supervene, retrieve, pass on, do, chance, be, ascertain, get, fall out, do, go down, expire, come up, evanesce, come down, pass by, relegate, overstep, go across, cook, take a chance, hap, take chances, encounter, spend, glide by, march on, come about, breathe, pass, fleet, detect, occur, turn up, carry on, risk, materialize, come, bump into, regain, extend, materialise, decease, elapse, pop off, drop dead, fade, blow over, arrive, observe, slip away, continue, slide by, die, unfold, eliminate, run a risk, overtake, reach, turn out, kick downstairs, find oneself, break, betide, come down, notice, advance, move on, take place, run into, result.
Examples of usage:
  1. How could such a thing happen? - "The Come Back", Carolyn Wells.
  2. Just that " something," anything, would happen. - "Secret Bread", F. Tennyson Jesse.
  3. I don't care what's going to happen now. - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.

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