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Spell check of hankies

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Correct spelling:


bandana, neckerchief.
babushka, bandanna, handkerchief, hankie, scarf, shawl, veil, headrail.
Examples of usage:
  1. Silk hunting " hankies" in yellow and other vivid colours, ditto with full field, took the place of the now chilly looking Reckitt's blue, and a Turkey rug on the floor completed the transformation. – Fanny Goes to War by Pat Beauchamp
  2. But we ain't got a coin and if we don't keep our hankies tied on our hands we'd be eaten alive. – The Blind Lion of the Congo by Elliott Whitney
  3. Hankies- A fondling of hands between lovers. – The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis
  4. Miss Ashwell confessed afterwards to a feeling of nervousness as to what was going to happen to her, for the day before, without a moment's notice, she had been literally showered with hankies by the little First- Formers. – Judy of York Hill by Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett
  5. We ought really to bar all hankies except bandanas, said Blue Bonnet, but we'll stretch a point for Sarah's sake. – Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party by C. E. Jacobs Edyth Ellerbeck Read