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Spell check of handsome

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Correct spelling:
Comely; becoming; liberal.
beautiful (adjective)
dazzling, flowerlike, becoming, exquisite, eye-filling, pleasing, beautiful, glamorous, radiant, refined, charming, ornamental, good-looking, pretty, belle, polished, lovely, shapely, enchanting, splendid, comely, stunning, sublime, resplendent, graceful, gorgeous, sightly, elegant, picturesque, attractive, quaint, superb, finished, fair, bonny.
noble (adjective)
noble, worthy, gracious, princely.
Other synonyms:
giving, significant, grand, fetching, fine, sizable, substantial, pile, well-favored, bad, loose, bighearted, imposing, beauteous, with child, tolerant, big money, immense, carpeted, better-looking, major, appointed, magnanimous, nice-looking, fine-looking, fresh-faced, hefty, king-size, sizable, classy, biggish, unsparing, swelled, tidy, well-favoured, baby-faced, bulky, boastful, great, dapper, virile, boxcar, full, majestic, sharp, bewitching, vast, adorable, sexy, biggish, fully grown, tasteful, captivating, good, goodly, cute, chiseled, hardball, prominent, dignified, brownstone, spruce, lovesome, big, pulchritudinous, decisive, oversize, full-grown, goodly, competitive, impressive, manly, full-face, ugly, fortune, carbuncle, free, beguiling, considerable, braggart, convincing, large-minded, substantial, tall, payout, good, hulking, lavish, smooth, vainglorious, generous, eye-catching, likely, hot, goodly, largish, crowing, beautiful, personable, devastating, megabucks, delightful, strong, courtly, openhanded, hatchet-faced, self-aggrandising, seemly, ravishing, freehand, respectable, athletic, large, colonial, extensive, cavernous, unstinting, grown, bountiful, taking, wealth, high, enceinte, knockout, cock-a-hoop, heavy, big bucks, huge, muscular, good-looking, appealing, braggy, adult, largish, craggy, drop-dead, bragging, voluminous, give, husky, comfortable, aesthetic, substantive, ample, homely, broad, expectant, freehanded, plentiful, munificent, windfall, friendly, hotly, liberal, tidy, mint, furrowed, baronial, burned-out, bounteous, grownup, beachfront, enormous, gravid, stately, outsize, aristocratic, healthy, self-aggrandizing, wide.
Examples of usage:
  1. She was a tall, handsome woman, well under fifty. - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. You surely expected a handsome present from Martell. Mr. - "From Jest to Earnest", E. P. Roe.
  3. Well might she say Her young and handsome husband! - "The Love-Chase", James Sheridan Knowles.

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