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acquaint, advance, advise, announce, apprise, ballyhoo, bill, blazon, boost, build up.
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Spell check of gun

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Correct spelling:
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ammunition, arms, defense, gun, material, materiel, munitions, protection, security, weaponry, heat*.
butcher, clipper, dropper, eliminator, enforcer, executioner, guerrilla, liquidator, plugger, slayer, soldier, torpedo, Torpedoes, droppers, enforcers, liquidators, eliminators, killer, gun person, hatchet person, piece person, pluggers, trigger person, hit person.
glaring, look, looking, peek, peep, scrutiny, seeing, watching, Ogling, rubbernecking, fish eye.
eye, eyeball, gander, glance, glom, impression, lamp, sight, sighting, squint, swivel, look-see, slant, quick look, flash*.
accelerator, accelerator pedal, artillery, blaster, cannon, equalizer, flintlock, forty-five, gas, gas pedal, grease-gun, gunman, gunslinger, handgun, hardware, heavy weapon, hired gun, hit man, howitzer, magnum, mortar, musket, ordnance, persuader, pistol, revolver, rifle, rod, shooter, shotgun, thirty-eight, throttle, torpedo, triggerman, uzi, peashooter, saturday-night special, piece*, 9 mm., difference*.
hatchet man
Rodman, trigger man, professional murderer.
accelerate, hasten, speed up, stimulate.
ammunition, armament, arrow, artillery, ax, battery, bayonet, bazooka, blowgun, blowpipe, blunderbuss, bomber, boomerang, bow and arrow, broadsword, browning, bullet, cannon, carbine, claymore, club, colt, cutlass, dagger, firearm, flamethrower, handgun, heater, howitzer, javelin, knife, lance, luger, mace, machete, machine gun, missile, mortar, musket, muzzle, ordnance, piece, pistol, rapier, repeater, revolver, rifle, rocket, saber, scimitar, shell, shooter, shotgun, sidewinder, spear, stiletto, sword, torpedo, trigger, weapon, weaponry, winchester, Bilbo, Remington, peashooter.
advance, drive, expedite, fire up, forward, further, hasten, hurry, impel, open up, precipitate, quicken, railroad, rev, rev up, speed up, spur, stimulate, step up, make tracks, hammer on, lay a patch, lay rubber, nail it, peel rubber, put on afterburners, put pedal to metal, step on gas, roll*, gun*, tool*, dust*.
attend, back, bear, carry, chaperon, companion, conduct, consort, convey, deliver, escort, fetch, gather, guide, heel, import, lead, lug, pack, piggyback, ride, shoulder, take, tote, transfer, transport, truck, usher, pick up, take along, schlepp, buck*.
appraise, assay, audit, canvass, case, check, check out, chew over, consider, criticize, dig into, explore, frisk, go into, go over, go through, inquire, inspect, investigate, parse, peruse, pick at, ponder, probe, prospect, prove, read, reconnoiter, research, review, scan, scope, screen, scrutinize, sift, size up, study, survey, sweep, try, turn over, vet, view, weigh, winnow, pat down, delve into, pore over, look over, look see, scrutinate, take stock of, search into, finger*, eye*.
bring, bring back, bring to, buck, call for, earn, elicit, get, go for, make, obtain, produce, realize, retrieve, sell, yield, give rise to, sell for, be sold for, draw forth.
boost, cart, drag, draw, elevate, heave, hoist, hump, jag, lift, raise, rake, remove, shift, tow, trail, trawl, tug, piggy back.
Examples of usage:
  1. " A good gun," went on Babalatchi. – An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad
  2. " That wasn't my gun. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  3. And, as for the rest of it, I suppose we'll be quite likely to forget, won't we, Joe, that either of us has so much as seen or thought of a gun to- night? – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans
  4. Hank's gun followed him shakingly. – The Moon is Green by Fritz Reuter Leiber
  5. Give me the gun. – Partners of the Out-Trail by Harold Bindloss