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Correct spelling:
One who shows the way; anything that directs.
To lead; direct.
teach (verb)
teach, inculcate, indoctrinate, instill, school, tutor, edify, lecture, enlighten, instruct, coach, imbue, train, drill, educate.
angel (noun)
archangel, guardian angel, guru, cherub, angel, guardian, daemon, spirit, cherubim, demon, seraphim.
advise (verb)
notify, instruct, direct, brief, advocate, counsel, prompt, recommend, confer, encourage, warn, admonish, caution, advise, suggest, cue, consult, inform.
navigate (verb)
pilot, maneuver, drift, cruise, sail, float, navigate.
teacher (noun)
teacher, master, headmaster, mentor, counselor, schoolmistress, educator, coach, trainer, advisor, tutor, instructor, schoolmaster, professor, lecturer, guru.
indicate (verb)
gesticulate, mark, indicate, note, ticket, flag, stamp, label, tag, alert, prompt, cue, designate, point, signal, nod, betoken, wave, gesture, beckon, denote, symbolize, brand, wink, notify, shrug, motion, nudge, point out.
Other synonyms:
career coach, templet, glide by, fleet, chair, lease, take away, gondolier, adopt, soak up, carry on, show, focus, sentinel, mastermind, surpass, suck up, tie, get through, get hold of, pack, sentry, function, pick out, engage, leave, charger, shunt, fly the coop, suck, advance, draw in, hap, legislate, support, move, take in, slide by, postulate, bring, scat, channelise, drive, urge, reach, channel, take up, force, fill, break away, overstep, leader, draw, play, devolve, have, would, campaign, go by, take place, strike, blower, Dutch uncle, bible, adviser, pass by, kick the bucket, thread, choke, budge, slip away, sink, quarter, give someone a steer, range, repoint, target, call for, ask, manoeuvre, benefit, overtake, look after, need, get, line, demand, use up, scout, come, organise, read, convoy, jockey, steer, involve, pull in, supervise, careline, make, reap, biography, operate, authorize, hold, example, imbibe, bunk, contain, pass off, lapse, deal, high season, conduce, turn over, subscribe, organize, haul off, bathe, escape, take to the woods, claim, channelize, enjoin someone to do something, exit, modernist, sharpen, run, pull, elder, hightail it, slip by, lead, attendant, draw off, snuff it, route, manoeuver, go along, bestseller, necessitate, control, converter, pull out, get behind, result, bend, direct, cast, roll, sop up, work, propel, transport, shoot, disembowel, watch, head for the hills, pioneer, incline, puff, carry, flow, courier, absorb, travel by, boiler, companion, tend, help out, admit, ply, attract, clear, quality assurance, help, run away, pass on, be given, elapse, assume, pattern, annual, ingest, bespeak, escort, cash in one's chips, calculator, compressor, come about, remove, withdraw, charter, heritage center, transfer, head up, carriage, go on, endure, taper, require, exact, bear, turn tail, hunt, explorer, pop off, bleed, unravel, blow over, back seat driver, convey, subscribe to, give-up the ghost, authority, manage, attraction, evanesce, address, occur, beauty spot, point, accept, melt down, precede, template, string, delineate, council, anthology, send, egest, deliver, track down, fall out, course, drag, fall, orchestrate, guidebook, fade, flood, draw and quarter, overhaul, lam, take on, ladder, engineer, standard, die, calculate, contribute, croak, decease, guide on, top, consort, govern, take out, learn, design, scarper, assist, persist, vanguard, race, shepherd, consume, maneuver, criterion, return, ecotourism, lookout man, consultant, watch over, trace, conk, balance, pass along, usher, give, director, blook, execute, expire, captain, occupy, agritourism, nurse, hunt down, make it, get out, pass, deport, conductor, pathfinder, run for, command, choose, quality, autobiography, model, drop dead, luff, go, convertor, pull back, waver, take, walk, happen, select, almanac, preach, atlas, film, level, lean, place, talent scout, melt, study, acquit, hand, black market, pass away, put across, eliminate, catch, impart, aim, eviscerate, picket, authorise, contract, die hard, spend, go through, charge, communicate, manhandle, go across, superintendent, gauge, spotter, depict, baseline, perish, transmit, guard, reflect, hire, agitator, conduct, lookout, look at, rating, comport, buy the farm, transcend, make pass, extend, submit, acquire, feed, moderate, describe, orient, doorkeeper, exceed, par, behave, prevail, rent, take aim, filter, excrete, go past, consider, head.
Examples of usage:
  1. Will you let me guide you somewhere, and give you a surprise?" - "The Guests Of Hercules", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  2. Guide point out the way you want to go- then trust the to do the best for them and you! 'em- 'em creatur's - "Dorothy on a Ranch", Evelyn Raymond.
  3. To guide my hand! - "The Crime Doctor", Ernest William Hornung.

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