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Spell check of ground

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Correct spelling:
Of to grind.
Surface of the earth; soil; land; foundation.
To fix as a foundation; instruct in principles.
To strike the bottom, as a ship.
land (adjective)
mainland, land, beach, shore, coastal, earth.
property (noun)
fixtures, kingdom, holding, manor, territory, farm, realty, inheritance, stock, assets, ranch, effects, estate, principal, realm, legacy, chattel, title, goods, belongings, empire, resources, domain, wealth, possession, real estate, land, possessions, property.
arena (noun)
locale, hippodrome, battlefield, dominion, turf, domain, area, precinct, arena, circle, bailiwick, realm, enclosure, battle-ground, circus, gymnasium, stage, amphitheater, auditorium, ring, province, setting, room, Colosseum, hall, pen, theater, region, courtyard, field, campus, gallery, circuit, beat.
chafed (verb)
scrubbed, harassed, irritated, rasped, scraped, worn, chafed, rubbed, fretted, resisted, abraded, grated, wore, aggravated, disturbed.
smoothed (verb)
evened, polished, sanded, flattened, burnished, planed, glossed, smoothed, glazed, leveled, slicked.
place (noun)
campus, spot, arena, habitat, forum, location, stage, station, circus, floor, site, place.
land (noun)
soil, beach, earth, terra firma, land, shore, mainland, stone, coast, bank.
Other synonyms:
grunge, priming, banish, purpose, maroon, make, farming, strand, fuzee, botanical garden, understanding, motive, nation, grime, close, start, garden, build, conceptualize, backyard, free-base, terra firma, fine, question, flowerbed, ditch, worldly concern, substratum, bottom, event, drop, consideration, clod, captain, capsize, earth, commence, groundwork, grounds, lecture, dry land, shew, philosophy, honed, background, curried, direction, fusee, dogma, grit, a giant step/leap/stride, faultline, ism, educate, underseal, anode, channel, aim, stain, wherefore, found, heel, cooked, allotment, instruct, excuse, waterboarding, the spirit of the times/age, lay down, crust, induct, coffee, fit, come up with, flat coat, cast anchor, circuitry, give, foothold, backcloth, dock, body politic, theory, whetted, loam, install, end, run aground, keen, claim, terms, narrows, clay, put a kettle on, contact, background signal, instal, tea leaf, al dente, land, momentum, object, reasonableness, judge, founder, the march of something, heave to, circuit breaker, maturation, cast off, priming coat, footing, measure, coil, culture, cutting, fundament, bower, doctrine, hook into, stropped, sum up, grounded, occasion, necessity, grease, terrain, ideology, brew, acreage, groundwater, intellect, down, diaphragm, primer, backdrop, proof, corridor, geology, item, underfur, establish, go about, show, hydroplane, res publica, demesne, herbaceous border, referent, darkness, soil, geological, open water, set up, commonwealth, deep-fried, seat, battered, au naturel, edged, geography, cornerstone, crushed, cause, depth, frame of reference, discoloration, why, environment, broken, train, issue, foundation, lagoon, point, drop anchor, alluvium, continental drift, automate, belt, fuse, reason, argument, base, confiscate, buzz, undercoat, situation, design, in justification of something, conservation area, cold, theme, detention, continental shelf, fuze, come down, come about, anchor, inlet, globe, advancement, draw a conclusion/an inference, circuit board, sound, bed, teach, acres, history, circumstance, contrast, cathode, mud, colouring, coach, rationality, prove, landed estate, country, edgy, dust, basis, chromatic, primer coat, neck, connect, background knowledge, border, sharpened, eject, underpinning, conduit, subject matter, color, pretext, foot, filth, hit on, airlift, tutor, attach, color scheme, percolate, aquifer, fault, subject, deviled, climb, account, context, breaded, initiate, scope, conceive, desktop, state, trenchant, plant, advance, conditions, launch, progress, development, over, matter, world, call, prime, topic, position, demonstrate, appraise, motivation, sand, justification, kneecap, disconnect, spring, institute, solid ground, Botany Bay, infer, principle, fit out, state of affairs, screen background, tea bag, coloring, tea, earthly concern, dirt, conservancy, flash, climate, begin, constitute, alarm.
Examples of usage:
  1. People looked at the strange young man as he lay pale and still on the ground. - "The Later Cave-Men", Katharine Elizabeth Dopp.
  2. The ground was better kept. - "A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest", Amelia B. Edwards.
  3. And this one was almost inaccessible, by reason of the roughness of the ground. - "Naples Past and Present", Arthur H. Norway.

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