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Spell check of government

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Correct spelling:
Management; control; system of governing; persons who administer the laws.
control (noun)
leadership, control, discipline, management, bridle, oversight, harness, conn, helm, domination, direction, command, administration.
command (noun)
commission, direction, will, law, charge, prowess, grasp, supremacy, command, management, power, mastery, domination, reign, rule, sovereignty, control, sway, mandate, coordination, discipline, grip, hold, authority.
Other synonyms:
affairs, assembly, diet, political science, regimentation, convention, brass, superiority, caretaker government, handling, city council, city hall, jurisdiction, directory, synod, prerogative, judicature, autarky, public life, authorities, regimen, politicking, influence, government activity, presidential term, governance, superintendency, political relation, congress, convocation, soviet, state, regime, anarchy, chamber, politicize, political, regulation, Capitol Hill, hegemony, centralism, preponderance, governing, political sympathies, presidency, cabinet, organisation, court, organization, giving medication, public affairs, over, autocracy, ascendancy, caucus, apparatus, supervision, superintendence, intendance, authorization, equity, patronage, running, establishment, operation, big government, ministry, dominion, predominance, parliament, statecraft, banana republic, senate, polity, absolutism, coalition, legislature, autonomy, disposal, council, party, politics, politically, stewardship, bureaucracy, care, guidance, governing body.
Examples of usage:
  1. See that thou art present in the Government House this afternoon at three by the clock to answer their questions." - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.
  2. If they'd tell you straight out what they was going to give you, you wouldn't mind; but if there was twenty ways of telling the truth and only one way of telling a lie, the Government would find it out. - "O'Flaherty V. C.", George Bernard Shaw.
  3. They said she had " government," and certainly we had a very easy time of it. no - "Stories of Many Lands", Grace Greenwood.

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