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Correct spelling:
Having suitable or desirable qualities; virtuous; kind; valid; sound; serviceable.
That which promotes welfare, & c.; prosperity; advantage.
skillful (adjective)
qualified, skilled.
generous (adjective)
open-handed, liberal, big-hearted, selfless, hospitable, kind-hearted.
respectable (adjective)
estimable, honest, worthy, principled, blameless, saintly, law-abiding, upstanding, creditable, pure, righteous, right-minded, irreproachable, true, unimpeachable, untarnished, fair, virtuous, respectable, forthright, honorable, moral, noble, angelical.
qualified (adjective)
able, competent, suited.
sound (noun)
solid, stable.
reliable (adjective)
healthy (adjective)
normal, vigorous.
proper (adjective)
desirable, suitable, becoming, fit.
virtue (noun)
creditability, ethics, worthiness, merit, blamelessness, respectability, heroism, virtue, cleanness, morality, pureness, probity, guiltlessness, righteousness, upstandingness, valor, decency, whiteness, nobility, estimableness, faultlessness, high-mindedness, honor, angelicness.
just (adjective)
lawful, equable, even-handed, square, fair, just, honorable, right, equitable, due.
obedient (adjective)
obedient, well-behaved, dutiful, tractable.
tasty (adjective)
sweet, palatable, salty, tasty, delicious, toothsome, sour, luscious, spicy, savory, peppery, flavorful, delectable.
pleasant (adjective)
agreeable, enjoyable, satisfying.
benefit (noun)
promotion, progress, gain, benefit, improvement, profit, bonus, boon, blessing, favor, advantage, prosperity, furtherance, success.
good (adjective)
praiseworthy, pleasant, five-star, commendable, benign, fine, splendid, topnotch, exemplary, laudable, worthy, admirable, excellent, beneficial, worthwhile, first-rate, favorable, nice.
savory (adjective)
appetizing, scrumptious, ambrosial, luscious, flavorful, mouth-watering, tasty, toothsome, delectable, delicious, savory, palatable.
beneficial (adjective)
beneficial, prosperous, advantageous, helpful, gainful, improving, successful, useful, better, favorable, progressive, profitable.
virtuous (adjective)
high-minded, uncorrupted, honorable, estimable, noble, pure, heroic, respectable, guiltless, creditable, unspotted, virtuous, unsullied, taintless, worthy, decent, clean, ethical, righteous, upstanding, faultless, valorous, moral, blameless, angelical.
orthodox (adjective)
conventional, strict, conforming, regular.
Other synonyms:
spiritual, fortunate, approximate, gracious, intimately, friendly, accomplished, applauding, expert, be in/out of the running, reliable, purity, sober, fresh, fantastically, contented, dandy, fitted, benefic, reputable, ably, true-blue, veracious, sizable, unplayful, on-target, peachy, responsible, informed, ripe, integrity, honourable, undoubted, OK, much, observant, effective, hard, in effect, saving, commodity, technical, Sunday, legalistic, computable, nifty, felicitous, braw, correct, white, veteran, all right, versed, compliant, unattackable, alright, attractive, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), expensive, yippee, skillful, appealing, go-to-meeting, enormous, steady, great, ace, calculable, unblamable, largish, agree, sizeable, acceptable, utter, operative, guaranteed, sanative, yes, be halfway there, constant, tailor-made, fussy, indubitable, superlatively, sure, dependable, complimentary, beloved, unblemished, extra, tolerant, close, level-headed, great, competent, valuable, extravagant, benignant, pretty, full, clear-headed, gifted, perfect, accurate, half-price, drop-dead, propriety, ascetic, blessed, crack, faithful, authentic, admiring, rightful, precise, precisely, enough, modesty, balanced, devout, earnest, deserving, frank, steady-going, flawless, carefree, pricey, life-affirming, well-founded, meticulous, tried, justified, physical, neat, luxurious, lovesome, beguiling, vast, unsloped, real-world, tonic, big, benevolent, expedient, resounding, well-founded, masterly, incentive, salubrious, tolerable, inclusive, copacetic, funny, advanced, lovely, salutary, in-depth, keen, appropriate, proficient, untainted, restful, relaxing, best, costly, straight, genuine, friendly, happy, strong, ample, passable, gorgeous, trusty, substantially, good-hearted, consistent, almost, thorough, reasonable, handsome, exhaustively, down-the-line, commonsensible, well, befitting, like, experienced, meritorious, edge, bouncy, medicinal, significant, safe, warranted, trump card, seemly, replete, select, large-scale, cheerful, erect, outright, straightforward, ingenuous, practised, priceless, crackerjack, rational, heartfelt, consummate, healthful, delightsome, master, gotcha, wakeless, satisfying, apt, serious, compleat, rational, spin, orthodox, eleemosynary, cleared, unspoilt, staunch, to perfection, unspoiled, captivating, ravishing, charitable, severe, sightly, approbatory, steadfast, genteel, joyous, dreamy, redeeming, smashing, upright, virtually, commendatory, cheeseparing, superior, king-size, impregnable, large, hilarious, apparent, jolly, slap-up, good-looking, privilege, bright, echt, devoted, fabulously, substantive, immense, to the best of your ability, redemptive, choice, truthful, altruistic, dangerous, major, expected, tidy, unmarred, salutiferous, well-favored, functional, capable, steady, kind, B-list, unimpaired, unbroken, cooperative, educated, wide, philanthropic, fit, religious, playful, serviceable, pretty, knockout, not bad, pleased, considerably, pleasing, right-hand, comic, applicable, considerate, undamaged, agreed, superb, valid, uninjured, rebound, common, commonsense, bang-up, attitude, groovy, toward, well-chosen, well-grounded, bona fide, topspin, legitimate, as new, stunning, wry, profound, humanitarian, substantial, meet, over, goodly, immeasurable, proper, whole, vertical, kind, beyond, all right, someone's getting there, therapeutic, convenient, saintlike, life-threatening, spry, dead-on, huge, easily, overly, amusing, gratifying, wholesome, dear, virtuoso, kindly, commonsensical, kosher, dulcet, thrive, round, joyful, A-list, underarm, real, coherent, possibly, fancy, healthy, biggish, hysterical, intellectual, undecomposed, sufficient, entire, goodness, unafraid, valid, propitious, lily-white, wonderful, as good as your word, essential, restorative, grave, considerable, comical, exactly, exclusive, dead, born, approving, able-bodied, hunky-dory, sensible, goodish, eye-catching, skinny, skilful, straight-shooting, practical, practiced, taking, below, OK, nice-looking, pragmatic, swell, basic, incorruptible, comfortably, chargeable, adept, tried-and-true, pious, levelheaded, alive, probably, goodhearted, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, luck, above, grateful, sumptuous, kindhearted, grounded, reasoned, goody-goody, heartwarming, unhurt, congenial, good enough, darling, painstaking, bound, penny-pinching, large, more, heavy, biddable, bonny, advantageously, nigh, exact, trustworthy, aah, brilliant, long, fast, untroubled, tremendous, incredible, all-inclusive, auspicious, hooray, near, sound, intact, overmuch, absolutely, extensive, fitting, reasonable, bang on, hyper-, exuberant, sainted, cracking, total, analytic, adorable, all-in, be onto a winner, certain, welcome, thank God/goodness/heaven(s), consequent, in force, cute, have a fighting chance, hot, inviolable, pricy, high-priced, high-class, unquestionable, possible, discounted, ability, suitable, someone should/will go far, satisfied, positive, fetching, legally, handsome, aesthetic, transliterate, bully, effectual, submissive, unassailable, help, skilled, opportune, innocent, equal, godly, original, professed, unadulterated, hefty, fairish, soundly, well-preserved, beauteous, surplus, sincere, glad, appreciative, like a dream, backspin, current, corking, beneficent, generous, healing, real, angelic, likely, thoroughly, chief, pretty, too, logical, candid, broad, secure, agreeable, big, objective, high, heavenly, all right, discriminating, puritanical, intelligent, content, part, exhilarating, firm, high-grade, high-powered, delightful, beatific, legitimacy, sensible, of course, so, do-good, asset, have something in your pocket, mature, jake, grievous, dedicated, realistic, spot-on, complete, you can't go wrong, trade good, actual, felicitous, wonder, robust, unharmed, nearly, servile, satisfactory, uplifting, exceptional, trustable, Sunday-go-to-meeting, pleasurable, excessive, irreprehensible, ducky, efficient, masterful, legal, rock-steady, comely, will wonders never cease?, backed, probable, elite, careful, ideal, playable, wide-cut, well-balanced, holy, humorous, openhearted, able.
Examples of usage:
  1. She could do good, you know. no - "Scenes of Clerical Life", George Eliot.
  2. I have loved once, and good has come of it. no - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.
  3. I hope he will do the patient good. - "Christina", L. G. Moberly.

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