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Spell check of glossiness

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Correct spelling:
the property of being smooth and shiny
smoothness (noun)
slickness, sleekness, glassiness, smoothness, polish, silkiness.
Other synonyms:
burnish, gloss, polish.
Examples of usage:
  1. Next see to the length and texture of the pelage- its glossiness, and its freedom from cinder- holes, or the reverse. - "The Domestic Cat", Gordon Stables.
  2. " But it's my hat," said Hearty, endeavouring to restore something of its lost glossiness. Mr. - "Adventures of Bindle", Herbert George Jenkins.
  3. Given a man with a wife and six children: let him be obliged always to exhibit himself when outside his own door in a suit of black broadcloth, such as will not undermine the foundations of the Establishment by a paltry plebeian glossiness or an unseemly whiteness at the edges; in a snowy cravat, which is a serious investment of labour in the hemming, starching, and ironing departments; and in a hat which shows symptom of taking to the hideous doctrine of expediency, and shaping itself according to circumstances; let him have a parish large enough to create an external necessity for abundant shoe- leather, and an internal necessity for abundant beef and mutton, as well as poor enough to require frequent priestly consolation in the shape of shillings and sixpences; and, lastly, let him be compelled, by his own pride and other to dress his wife and children with gentility from bonnet- strings to shoe- strings. no people's, - "Scenes of Clerical Life", George Eliot.

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