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Spell check of given

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Correct spelling:
rewarded (verb)
tempted, induced, lured, paid, sweetened, treated, enticed, rewarded, granted, remunerated, awarded, honored, tipped, compensated, gave.
given (adjective)
shared, rationed, bequeathed, bestowed, ascribed, granted, contributed, served, consigned, expended, lavished, furnished, doled, submitted, delivered, showered, presented, provided, imparted, supplied, pledged, sent, allowed, attributed, tendered, lent, offered, donated, paid, awarded, allotted, rendered, assigned, endowed, disbursed, dispensed.
offered (verb)
bid, approached, submitted, bidden, endowed, advanced, attempted, issued, gave, presented, imparted, rendered, invited, tendered, bestowed, cited, quoted, granted, dealt, offered, extended.
offered (adjective)
quoted, granted, invited, submitted, issued, presented, offered, rendered, imparted, extended.
allotted (verb)
apportioned, cut, split, gave, allotted, portioned, distributed, shared, allowed, measured, partitioned, parceled, dispensed, rationed, segmented, set, assigned, sliced, meted, budgeted, dealt, divided, earmarked, allocated.
gave (verb)
served, assigned, attributed, expended, extended, ascribed, pledged, consigned, awarded, imparted, assisted, offered, bequeathed, allotted, rendered, dispensed, provided, tendered, disbursed, submitted, gave, delivered, lavished, contributed, shared, donated, granted, furnished, paid, sent, doled, supplied, devoted, presented, helped, showered, rationed, allowed, funded, endowed, bestowed, lent.
Other synonyms:
given over, presumptuousness, used, veracity, wont, doled out, likely, disposed, anonymous, conveyed, wedded, prone, bestowed, fact, presented, last, abandoned, communicated, minded, given up, accustomed, subscribed, tending, specified, verity, liable, the honest truth, habituated, owing to, apt, per se, presumption, inclined, some, the gospel truth, released, on account of, conferred, effrontery, conventional/received/traditional wisdom, due to, specifically, substance, assumption, sometime, unnamed, because, for, before, surrendered, unspecified, particular, precondition, addicted, attached, then, by virtue of something, objectivity, fixed, unidentified, condition, granted, stipulation, whenever, on that/this score, exactly, (all) by itself, in view of something, here, for someone's part, transferred, donated, all, one, yielded, ceded, remitted, until, whereas, actuality, disposed of, handed out, this, in light of something, truth, acknowledged, relinquished, specific, when.
Examples of usage:
  1. But you have given yourself to me. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  2. " I could have given that answer for you. No." " No. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
  3. And what answer could be given? - "The Doctrines of Predestination, Reprobation, and Election", Robert Wallace.

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