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Spell check of Git

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
stern, nincompoop, tush, fundament, rump, scab, horror, do-nothing, ding-a-ling, behind, creep, simpleton, featherhead, nut, yo-yo, idler, scum bag, vermin, musk turtle, puke, buns, charlie, jackass, strikebreaker, weed, green goddess, goose, shutout, rotter, loudmouth, stinker, dirty dog, rear, squealer, blabber, pot, posterior, nit, sess, lemon, backside, nitwit, tail, dingbat, tramp, mooncalf, lowlife, loafer, dipstick, derriere, know-all, lunatic, cuckoo, rat, prat, seat, sens, vomit, layabout, booby, bottom, turkey, ninny, informer, skunk, tooshie, buttocks, betrayer, gage, simp, rear end, polecat, ding-dong, half-wit, crumb, ninnyhammer, dope, fanny, grass, smoke, public nuisance, vomitus, locoweed, arse, blackleg, wood pussy, ass, nutcase, barf, butt, bum, doofus, yob, stinkpot, public enemy number one, berk, can, keister, nates, hobo, tail end, so-and-so, hindquarters, hind end, (the) scum of the earth.
Examples of usage:
  1. a good frog- song, Molly, and I believe I can git a squirrel with it, too, if I sing it quite low. That's - "The Melting of Molly", Maria Thompson Daviess.
  2. " We got to git busy in a hurry, Shandon," ran on swiftly. Ettinger - "The Short Cut", Jackson Gregory.
  3. Come on out and git acquainted with yer girl. neighbor's - "The Gringos", B. M. Bower.

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