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Correct spelling:
Got or getten.
Got or getton.
To arrive; move; become.
To obtain; learn; win; beget.
take (verb)
harvest, bag, abduct, appropriate, acquire, collect, nab, gather, annex, levy, impound, monopolize, confiscate, take, procure, reap, amass, commandeer, usurp, catch, capture, grab, deprive.
acquire (verb)
palm, obtain, bag, harvest, wrangle, garner, acquire, procure, add, catch, annex, reap, heap, assume, collect, lure, take, accumulate, amass, retrieve, purchase, secure, score, corner, net, pocket, win, receive, fetch, incur, capture, land, claim, buy.
capture (verb)
snatch, obtain, catch, occupy, apprehend, snare, arrest, achieve, take, abduct, win, collar, seize, secure, gain, capture.
receive (verb)
inspire, inhale, gobble, acquire, access, eat, pocket, receive, assimilate, gulp, take, absorb, admit, accept, swallow, engorge, devour, ingest.
Other synonyms:
procreate, observe, compress, keep, attain, go away, compact, impress, endure, loaf, mother, shell, ram, crush, slaughter, pop out, persuade, comprehend, hasten, put down, trounce, contract, hire, draw in, deal, take in, fly at, sit, astonish, cash in one's chips, sterilise, light, defecate, cook, ticktock, repay, urge on, dispirit, soak up, operate, pull out, total, number, secure, lose, sustain, exact, croak, repair, astound, cleave, postulate, go for, posit, energize, make capital out of something, decease, demoralize, restore, induct, grasp, get sick, fail, build, stay, wedge, cover, approach, lay out, enjoy, dispose, give-up the ghost, commute, thrum, come up with, pull in, progress to, massacre, ready, stick to, receive, bestow, deserve, set off, charm, fill, know, establish, buzz off, take away, get the idea, put up, baffle, straighten, disturb, scram, hit, suck, get in, foreshorten, regain, read up on, run short, fare, drop dead, fuck off, master, attack, rag, come into play, birth, cause, induce, involve, feature, pee-pee, pay off, frustrate, measure, tucker, bring around, come up, set on, nurture, array, piss, stupefy, quiver, shake up, sock, circulate, part, take someone's life, feel, stand, jump, complicate, encourage, fuss, take over, adhere, contain, give birth, suck up, trance, describe, breed, define, bum around, head, take off, have something in your pocket, twig, nonplus, have got, be, follow, choose, exist, snuff it, conceptualize, name, submit, can, compass, madden, pursue, obtain, take out, uprise, prod, overtake, line, kill, vamoose, locomote, specify, experience, overhear, antagonize, teach, trace, belong, come over, survive, bushel, suit, lay down, turn back, exploit, agitate, form, take a crap, gain, buy the farm, lodge, come down with, limit, engage, nominate, drum, shorten, balance, break through, seduce, seed, substantiate, grow, nark, go bad, pack, embark on, unhorse, pay back, call back, hurt, get going, make it, pull back, prolong, judge, own, return, merit, frig around, allow, enamor, fret, travel, bilk, permit, enamour, besot, bugger off, snap up, draw and quarter, outpace, redeem, flap, bring, cruise, push, line up, shape, tug, strike at, directional, get hold of, order, lower, delineate, train, turn over, put out, bind, derive, afflict, get to, obtain, model, devil, invade, foil, charter, arrive, sound, propose, use up, be onto a winner, irritate, beat up, overreach, rate, come by, desexualize, assassinate, lounge around, scotch, get at, confirm, build up, flow, lie, carry out, arse about, tolerate, GPS, ruffle, fathom, furbish up, affirm, get along, go through, pee, make believe, draw a bead on, constrict, perish, make sense of something, annoy, take down, take a shit, begin, stick by, drag, sign up, convince, draw off, procure, take advantage of something, sterilize, recover, import, buy up, narrow, realise, contact, send out, entice, take up, take effect, initiate, maintain, realize, break down, dispatch, bulge, provoke, sting, take the law into your own hands, support, sop up, bone, engender, come out, take, impact, situate, becharm, reward, shoot, discombobulate, tie, bemuse, sire, incur, argue into, conceive, pain, flow from, issue forth, hold, cast, aspire, pound, amaze, sicken, contribute, present, displace, upset, bother, cut, dress, loll, dismount, repulse, liquidate, arrive at, mature, set out, ambush, pass water, have a feel for something, kick the bucket, catch up with, may, necessitate, push back, execute, have, stick out, exit, arrange, let down, fire off, ca-ca, outwit, guide, end in, carry on, savvy, chill, come out of, channel, be halfway there, scramble, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, fix, earn, ache, become, rent, study, bolt, imbibe, adopt, knowledge, converge, dissuade, assail, touch, stimulate, occur, exterminate, suffer, gross, masturbate, reach, penalize, gear up, compensate, drink in, nail, take aim, pile, caller, energise, labor, make up, abridge, halt, progeny, tucker out, generate, need, subscribe to, eviscerate, progress, answer, abbreviate, modernize, fall, notice, appraise, rule, dig, encounter, get out, ken, fall/fit into place, stop, pop off, find out, fruit, modernise, undertake, demand, break, abide, witness, hitch, cling, go to, conquer, entrance, thwart, bump, captivate, purpose, blanch, depart, culminate in, enter, rifle, dismay, nettle, bring down, tell, hit on, carve, micturate, stun, impart, come, jack off, position, issue, gratify, run low, go in for, copy to, withdraw, interference, doctor, gravel, come to, benefit, ticktack, find, deposit, fasten, crap, rush, bunk, pass away, drive, irk, render, make out, yield, aggravate, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), rile, direct, lend, take the rap (for something), fetch, go about, check, go far, turn, bum about, accomplish, motivate, ship, sum up, someone should/will go far, busy, piddle, press, detect, change, tick, depict, interact, hold fast, subscribe, perk up, understand, brace, lead off, disclose, teach someone a lesson, jerk off, exasperate, attempt, extend, carry, urinate, spend a penny, money, make grow, move, shake, place, raise, fit, perplex, make, footprint, remove, turn out, ride, play, hightail, work over, pick out, welcome, draw a conclusion/an inference, pass, bear, bake, motor, pay, cohere, quarter, propagate, call in, come at, shunt, function, there is/are etc., explicate, work out, condense, administer, transmit, labour, amuse, get off, protrude, shuttle, calculate, shrink, give, persuasion, entertain, rise, pop, hold back, punish, jump at, ask, confound, wash up, institute, clear, drive someone mad, talk into, bring on, loll around, construct, worry, puddle, evolve, get together, bring forth, defeat, give way, advance, murder, read, outfox, desex, deliver, pull down, recrudesce, brook, get under one's skin, countenance, set about, sign on, bewilder, send, be in/out of the running, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, confuse, stick around, meet, keep up, overpower, propel, last, dial, plump, thread, feelings, peeve, maturate, assault, get down, originate, bring out, anger, hold out, skedaddle, cell, wreak, lay, go down, look at, ghosting, get what you deserve, target, bulge out, die, stomach, result, butter, transfer, take on, revel in, run, deal out, let, deduce, get on with, infuriate, reduce, set up, watch, acquire, cut off, go down with, butchery, sense, concentrate, give rise, happen, jam, appear, stir, infer, mend, get hold, view, strike, desexualise, wee-wee, digest, create, force, vex, clear out, busy signal, wee, urge, catch, shoot for, hold up, call up, mystify, lounge about, unsex, set, arouse, posture, commence, discover, pick up, communicate, bug out, delight in, make a difference, start up, get around to, act, puzzle, choke, throw, grow out of, overprotect, achieve, arise, chance, do, fascinate, buy off, sign, capture, wank, put, bump off, kin, satisfy, trip up, prepare, call for, hitchhike, produce, stay put, dive in, determine, love, adjust, larn, vanquish, invite, take a leak, nourish, proceed, repel, chafe, mug, live on, strangle, bring about, outsmart, reap what you sow, waste one's time, ascertain, add up, like, look, set down, commove, cross, consider, string, walk on, consume, express, beat out, develop, beguile, make for, bring in, conk, call, add up to, conk out, you can't go wrong, blend, settle, get down to, report, possess, take hold of, work, point, stick, come in, lead, budge, bewitch, manhandle, cast down, demoralise, select, film, make water, seize an opportunity/chance, stool, make an example of someone, raise up, bum, hail, draw, stir up, conduct, blend in, beat back, undergo, squeeze, perceive, have your fun, lease, impersonate, spoil, puff, stand by, butcher, aim, sell, bond, carry away, educate, get ahead, wax, spawn, disembowel, receive, purport, deject, set forth, farm, go, startle, have a fighting chance, win, depress, germinate, excite, formulate, give out, prevail on, bug, beget, corroborate, touch on, enchant, cop, relieve oneself, mete out, fixate, require, spring up, convey, posterity, see the light, live, find oneself, gall, she-bop, affect, see, start on, father, pose, arrest, amount, exhaust, radar, spur, dumbfound, personate, perform, expire, constitute, hotfoot, regulate, write down, uncover, force back, ensue, descend, pull, invest in, get back, start out, range, shit, attract, discipline, thump, pulsate, prevail, roll, plod along, start, beat, learn, arse around, hand down, compel, flummox, pretend, forge ahead, circumvent, acquire.
Examples of usage:
  1. For myself, I must get out of it. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.
  2. But we can get it. - "Dorothy Dale in the City", Margaret Penrose.
  3. Didn't get there at all. - "The Magnetic North", Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond).

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