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Spell check of genius

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Correct spelling:
Good or evil spirit presiding over one's destiny.
Special taste or faculty; in born mental power; person endowned with special powers of mind.
intelligent (adjective)
brilliant, clever, worldly, intellectual, brainy, profound, encyclopedic, sophisticated, bright, intelligent, perspicacious, knowledgeable, comprehending, sagacious, sharp, smart, canny, wise, knowing, capable, cogent, erudite, gifted, astute.
expert (noun)
sophisticate, professional, master, buff, authority, expert, specialist, technician, consultant, maven, wizard, adept, connoisseur, artist, whiz, journeyman, crackerjack, pro.
skill (noun)
facility, artfulness, ability, aptitude, acuity, craft, mastery, experience, adroitness, knack, flair, know-how, deftness, talent, proficiency, skill, adeptness, cunning, technique, competence, capability, expertise, dexterity.
prodigy (noun)
shocker, mahatma, crackerjack, magician, curiosity, oddity, talent, rarity, luminary, star, spectacle, stunner, phenomenon, wizard, thunderbolt, whiz, expert, paragon, wonder, miracle, marvel, sensation, prodigy.
sage (noun)
scholar, master, guru, philosopher, consultant, savant, doctor, authority, thinker, adept, wise person, intellectual, sage, professor, mandarin, expert.
intelligence (noun)
sagaciousness, intelligence, judgment, knowledge, profundity, wisdom, cogency, perspicuity, erudition, mastery, acumen, intellect, sophistication, astuteness, comprehension.
skillful (adjective)
skillful, skilled, agile, artful, versatile, apt, capable, clever, crack, competent, facile, accomplished, dexterous, handy, adroit, sure-footed, nimble, talented, cunning, proficient, adept, able, expert, deft, crafty, masterful, efficient, ambidextrous.
scholar (noun)
scholar, master, academic, student, professor, intellectual, doctor, expert, philosopher.
sagacious (adjective)
authoritative, philosophic, sagacious, brilliant, adept, master, intellectual, wise, expert, intelligent, scholarly.
Other synonyms:
instantiation, can do something in your sleep, author, blaze, bone, head, maven, sense experience, one, single, bias, thaumaturge, complexion, tendency, admirer, glare, have a magic touch, flare, prowess, encephalon, learning ability, booster, partiality, wit, splendor, tone, dash, afflatus, percipience, sense impression, polymath, be a past master at doing something, fighter, egghead, turn, headliner, abstract, propensity, thaumaturgist, have an eye for, asterisk, necromancer, personifier, sensory faculty, esthesis, inspiration, mavin, spirit, epitome, brainpower, accomplishment, superstar, mastermind, have/get something down to a fine art, hero, manifestation, wizard, elan, grandness, constitution, sensation, wizardry, whizz, wiz, flair, affection, be able to do something, personification, nous, hotshot, externalization, splendour, magnificence, devices, imagination, penchant, sentience, unity, disposition, sorcerer, capacity, good, talents, clay, power, Mensa, penetration, lead, impulse, colors, ace, grasp, image, sympathy, taste, supporter, record, be in practice, self, mental capacity, brainiac, originator, artful dodger, endowment, champ, protagonist, embodier, psyche, discernment, grandeur, be no slouch, faculty, principal, nature, proclivity, star topology, perspicacity, aesthesis, sentiency, character, bent, conceiver, paladin, habitude, sense datum, leaning, brilliance, temper, predilection, quick study, star, incarnation, mind, understanding, avatar, gift, reach, adept, acuteness, icon, personality, approach, friend, objectification, mentality, temperament, talent, instinct, angiotensin-converting enzyme, brilliancy, sense, enthusiasm, sagacity, style, incorporation, panache, affinity, title-holder, subtlety, virtuoso, reputation, champion, have a flair for something, fire, brain, predisposition, aptness, whiz.
Examples of usage:
  1. " What evil genius placed it here this night? - "The Potato Child and Others", Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury.
  2. To be a good painter genius is by means all that is required. no - "Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888", Edward VII.
  3. Nature gave him a genius as great as his heart. - "The Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz, Complete", Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz.

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