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Spell check of gawky

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Correct spelling:
inelegant (adjective)
clumsy, barbarous, unrefined, coarse, graceless, awkward, boorish, tasteless, inelegant, uncivil, rude, unpolished, tactless, vulgar, brutish, crude, undignified, raw, earthy, tawdry, gross.
Other synonyms:
inept, maladroit, lanky, rustic, unwieldy, unmanageable, bunglesome, uncoordinated, klutzy, skinny, clownish, clunky, thin, emaciated, clumsy, ill-chosen, rough, cumbersome, unhandy, all thumbs, uncouth, gawkish, awkward, gangling, anorexic, fumbling, scrawny, be (all) skin and bone(s), lumpish, gaunt, incompetent, bungling, underweight, ability, ungainly, unskilful, ungraceful, inapt.
Examples of usage:
  1. The night when a gawky lad of eighteen drank up his beer, and then invited him to step outside if he t like it, dwelt long in his memory. didn’ - "Project Gutenberg, Deep Waters, by W.W. Jacobs", W.W. Jacobs.
  2. He was and gawky, with very prominent upper front teeth, which gave a sort of bow- window appearance to his wide mouth. lathlike - "Carolyn of the Corners", Ruth Belmore Endicott.
  3. A gawky group of men remained loitering by the church door: one of them called to Anthony; but, nodding curtly, he passed on, and strode away down the road, across the grey upland meadows, towards home. - "Victorian Short Stories", Various.

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