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debauching, ill-using, maltreating, defiling, debasing, ill-treating, desecrating, violating, degrading, despoiling, misusing. trespassing, maltreating, committing, wronging, transgressing, infringing, doing wrong, encroaching, perpetrating.


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Spell check of funny

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Correct spelling:
nonconforming (adjective)
deviant, odd, mismatch, exceptional, erratic, outlandish, quirky, oddball, freakish, incongruous, peculiar, eccentric, different, extraordinary, uncustomary, curious, unconventional, unfamiliar, abnormal, divergent, queer, unusual, novel, off, aberrant, singular, oddity, crosspatch, out of the ordinary, strange, improper, idiosyncratic, deranged, crazy, unique, untypical, anomalous, fey, atypical, bizarre, irregular, uncommon, incompatible, inconsistent, nonconforming, misfit, un-ordinary.
witty (adjective)
subtle, ingenious, crafty, foxy, resourceful, waggish, droll, joking, inventive, shrewd, cunning, witty, tricky, pointed, adroit, pithy, comical, sarcastic, quick-witted, sophisticated, dry, scurrilous, sparkling, smart, jocular, urbane, scintillating, facetious, brilliant, astute, sly, quick, sharp, canny, deft, clever, intelligent, wily, artful.
Other synonyms:
weirdo, derisory, sad, strange, fishy, mirthful, amusing, left over, nonsensical, rare, shadowy, farcical, dubious, screaming, riotous, comically, questionable, mistrustful, off-kilter, kooky, risible, queerly, jocund, spaced-out, unexpended, amusive, laughing, jolly, absurd, particular, edgy, left, good story, humorous, peculiar, fantastic, unmatched, cockeyed, special, unscrupulous, good-humored, joke, sick, sportive, untruthful, comic, out-of-the-way, zany, humourous, ironic, leftover, curious, wacky, sidesplitting, merry, fly-by-night, priceless, remaining, unusual, jest, way-out, witticism, odd, hilarious, dishonest, shadowed, louche, umbrageous, leery, unprincipled, shady, crotchety, humoristic, homophile, kinky, wild, diverting, off-the-wall, gleeful, serious, gag, jovial, cranky, uproarious, gay, usual, whimsical, chucklesome, funky, jocose, preposterous, deceitful, screwy, uneven, ridiculous, jape, unmated, laughable, queerish, devious, offbeat, playful, weird, killing, bizarro, suspect, antic, jesting, unaccustomed, funnily, quaint, fraudulent, hysterical, comical, offbeat, idiotic, oddly, wry, ha-ha, unpaired, singular, strangely, suspicious, rich, surreal, remarkable, out-of-the-way, glad, funny story, quip, corrupt, ludicrous, funny remark, entertaining, untrusting, comedic, grotesque, ill, laughter, wary, unreal, outré, rummy, far-out, rum, queer, blithe.
Examples of usage:
  1. As if something, everything, was funny. - "The Planet Strappers", Raymond Zinke Gallun.
  2. I sometimes think you're not quite right in your head, you say such funny things. Mr Broadbent, - "John Bull's Other Island", George Bernard Shaw.
  3. You thought him rather funny, but you liked him, and if he wanted to smoke in bed why not? - "Home Life in Germany", Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick.

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