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Correct spelling:
Complete measure.
Having all it can contain; occupied; complete.
Quite; entirely.
To scour and thicken, as cloth.
deep (adjective)
resonant, throaty, loud, rounded.
loose (adjective)
baggy, flowing, loose.
complete (adjective)
unified, exhaustive, entire, thorough, through, conclusive, integral, accomplished, uncut, intact, unsevered, final, sum, total, plenary, unabridged, comprehensive, solid, done, complete, all, undivided, finished, whole, universal, collective.
occupied (verb)
reserved, taken.
entire (adjective)
tally, total, exhaustive, all-inclusive, holistic, gross, sweeping, complete, entire, full-scale, comprehensive, full-fledged, sum, all, conclusive, all-embracing, whole, mass, global, full-grown.
satisfied (adjective)
slaked, quenched, allayed, stuffed, satisfied, gratified, engorged, glutted, satiated.
Other synonyms:
rapport, plangent, extravagant, outright, blanket, profound, bustling, topmost, brimful of, swarming, brimful, packed, particular, enough, saturated, coltish, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, connection, luxuriant, in force, wide, abounding, completely, complete, blubbery, alive with, engorged, extensive, ladened, large, effective, embracive, pear-shaped, strong, sonorous, imbued, voracious, faithful, right, in full, grand, expert, exact, wide-eyed, abounding in, scanty, airtight, overladen, bounteous, mount, rise, bullnecked, climb, leaky, plenteous, loaded, desperate, in-depth, cyclopedic, wax, palatable, casual, stuffed, competent, busy, particularized, resounding, lusty, rigorous, flooded, encompassing, amply, booming, busy season, all-encompassing, high, bursting, crawling with, bursting, skilful, respectable, lavish, compleat, secure, rife with, filled, corpulent, concentrated, undecomposed, empty, robust, careful, jammed, honorable, capacious, severe, heady, clingy, potent, part, plush, relationship, omnibus, chuck-full, hectic, plethoric, tasty, rotund, awful, extreme, piggy, panoramic, awash, perfect, juicy, unquenchable, across-the-board, delicious, charged, sufficient, profuse, generous, overflowing, liberal, packed, graduated, pure, depressed, best, panoptic, unadulterated, inundated, reconciliation, heavy, just, inclusive, grown, succulent, jampacked, muscular, unattended, tubby, brimfull of, thoroughly, affluent, Grand Central Station, lardy, wide of the mark, to the full, safe, exuberant, absolute, choke-full, undivided, light, compact, detailed, broad, copious, greatest, orotund, unspoilt, plump, roly-poly, laden, full-of-the-moon, teeming, grave, pregnant, buzz, unspoiled, maximum, estimable, relations, fully, compendious, exhausted, frenzy, riddled, elaborate, overflowing with, lively, rumbling, chockablock, broad-gauge, chockful, chemistry, obese, close, teeming with, stentorian, afloat, rich, tighten, spacious, fleshy, untasted, plentiful, serious, lidded, good, sounding, brief, dire, blow-by-blow, fraught, all-in, link, peak, voluminous, circumstantial, acute, abounding with, barrel-chested, appetizing, entire, salutary, pressurized, whole, beefy, swarming with, glutted, precise, full phase of the moon, cram full, overfull, button-down, cover-all, brawny, tie, tangy, flavorful, hum, edible, untouched, well, association, top, minute, overrun with, A-line, tamper-proof, cramped, dense, near, big, mature, sound, partnership, burly, grumbling, surfeited, bountiful, in effect, portly, dear, honest, adept, dependable, overloaded, proficient, satiate, boot-cut, ample, strict, fat, chock-full, replete, practiced, weighed down, utmost, crammed, crowded, round, upright, specific, built, gluttonous, wide-cut, nourished, brimfull, overweight, well-lined, inadequate, congested, madhouse, ripe, pudgy, greedy, thick with, backless, rich in, button-through, skillful, adequate, abundant, utter, instinct, podgy, jam-packed, beneficial, chubby, total, brimming, sated, full moon, bulging.
Examples of usage:
  1. To- night I am full of doubt. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.
  2. His dark eyes were full of fire. - "Rose MacLeod", Alice Brown.
  3. Before then, when I was just a boy, the world seemed full of everything, but now it seems to have only one thing. - "Read-Aloud Plays", Horace Holley.

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