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Spell check of frustrate

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Correct spelling:
hinder (verb)
restrain, tangle, oppose, jam, bottleneck, crimp, fetter, entrap, clog, brake, bung, foul, hinder, constipate, plug, impair, constrain, deter, restrict, resist, hamstring, complicate, impede, burden, block, hamper, paralyze, stay, check, snarl, detain, encumber, handicap, entangle, snag, congest, curb, cripple, delay, baffle, cramp, bar, counter, choke, mire, dam, obstruct, interrupt, thwart, inhibit, stop, catch, drag.
de-motivate (verb)
paralyze, disincline, deter, dissuade, daunt, impede, de-motivate, dampen, stifle, curb, throttle, discourage, hinder, hamper, dishearten, depress.
Other synonyms:
mollycoddle, peril, mortify, unman, anger, itch, madden, crossbreed, balk, antagonize, sweep, taunt, confound, get over, rape, annoy, embarrass, scupper, botch up, fumble, foil, thwart, fox, tantalise, interfere with, vex, coddle, retard, get at, traverse, gravel, get to, crucify, dun, defeat, bollocks up, baffle, pamper, stupefy, cross, bungle, mishandle, unnerve, bilk, rebuke, track, elude, queer, cover, bobble, beat, bollocks, blow, take to task, mar, regulate, bumble, bawl out, mess up, plunder, lecture, bedevil, flummox, defeat, remonstrate, chew out, throw, get across, puzzle, bother, endanger, pose, chafe, chew up, savage, cosset, prevent, cocker, nettle, nullify, spoil, allow, reproof, fluff, perplex, indulge, amaze, violate, befuddle, kill, stick, mystify, torment, discombobulate, pass over, hold back, rile, cut the ground from under, berate, squeeze out, hybridise, irritate, call on the carpet, ball up, discomfit, despoil, cut across, torture, tease, bait, dismay, stymie, call down, cut into, muck up, louse up, scold, hybridize, cod, vitiate, nonplus, jaw, chill, screw up, rally, twit, deflower, stamp out, pillory, featherbed, lambaste, drive someone mad, lambast, expose, ride, intersect, devil, foul up, rag, get, stump, blast, bollix up, bodge, baby, trounce, infuriate, botch, flub, muff, corrupt, span, disappoint, nark, checkmate, provoke, fuddle, have words, shut off, kill off, reprimand, subdue, scotch, evade, bollix, rack, go bad, stymie, cut through, tantalize, counteract, dispirit, dumbfound, razz, interbreed, suppress, chide, excruciate, dress down, bewilder, confuse, demoralize.
Examples of usage:
  1. He advised to go very cautiously about it, as the gamblers had doubtless many friends who would give a tip and so frustrate a raid, perhaps letting somebody in for damages. McCrasky
  2. And so they sailed to meet the enemy, and to frustrate the last attack of any importance ever made by the French to invade England. - "In the Day of Adversity", John Bloundelle-Burton.
  3. Her marriage in Savoy, moreover, was opposed strongly by Philip for another reason, namely, that he would, in case it was effected, be obliged to hand to his sister the domains belonging to Burgundy which had been bequeathed to her by her mother; and in order to frustrate it Philip brought forward the recently widowed King of Portugal as a fit husband for Margaret, which would have secured her residence in a distant country, and his continued occupation of her inheritance. Burgundian - "The First Governess of the Netherlands, Margaret of Austria", Eleanor E. Tremayne.

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