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Spell check of former

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Correct spelling:
Before in time or order; previous.
Of fere.
past (adjective)
primordial, historical, old-time, yesterday's, ancient, yore, previous, bygone, primeval, past, old, anteceding, ago.
different time (adjective)
previous, erstwhile, future, then, late, past, next, prior, following, bygone.
Other synonyms:
come out, disestablish, previous, once, already, other, sometime, originator, acquire, source, reason, creator, actor, causality, erstwhile, olden, onetime, antecedent, beggar, comedown, author, whilom, recent, preceding, spring, early, above-mentioned, causation, at one time, before, precedent, late, preceding, long ago, foregoing, climb, earlier, anterior, quondam, precede, cause, occasion, designer, ex, study at previous, origin, agent, past, descend, foregoing, above, motive, fountain, power, time, one day, ascent, condition, previously, bankrupt, retired.
Examples of usage:
  1. He then considers each of the former in relation to each of the latter. - "Sound Military Decision", U.s. Naval War College.
  2. She could not explain to Miss Toms the mysterious assurance that she had of the way that her former world was drawing near to her again. - "The Captives", Hugh Walpole.
  3. Then my former rooms are waiting for me at the Castle? - "Jennie Baxter, Journalist", Robert Barr.

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