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Spell check of formative

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Correct spelling:
A derivative word.
Giving form.
beginning (adjective)
early, germinal, baby, fetal, first, maiden, alpha, hatching, original, precursory, commencing, initial, inaugural, new, beginning, nascent, infantile, preparatory, emerging, primeval, dawned, primordial, sprouting, preliminary, infant, incipient, primal, embryonic, introductory, aboriginal, newborn, starting, Genesis, foremost, budding.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, honorable, irreducible, austere, basal, elemental, primal, stainless, virtuous, basic, undiluted, simple, nascent, plain, bare, stark, immaculate, prime, innocent, clear, clean, fundamental, elementary, spotless, unadulterated, atomic, white, faultless, purebred, chaste, aboriginal, simon-pure, unblemished, guiltless, unadorned, primary, decent, uncluttered, unalloyed, essential, untarnished, indivisible, sinless, unsullied, angelic, foundational, untainted, monolithic, blameless, pure.
causative (adjective)
motivational, causative, executive, responsible, generative, influential, germinal, pivotal, effective, causal.
Other synonyms:
deciding, productive, impressionable, shaping, inchoative, fictile, decisive, driving, plastic, juvenile, instrumental, constructive, young, immature, enabling, pliant, moldable, pliable.
Examples of usage:
  1. Our ancestors were studious to form borrowed words, however long, into and not only cut off the formative terminations, but cropped the first syllable, especially in words beginning with a vowel; and rejected not only vowels in the middle, but likewise consonants of a weaker sound, retaining the stronger, which seem the bones of words, or changing them for others of the same organ, in order that the sound might become the softer; but especially transposing their order, that they might the more readily be pronounced without the intermediate vowels. monosyllables; - "A Grammar of the English Tongue", Samuel Johnson.
  2. When enormous influence upon the spiritual and mental life of our day- an influence ever shaping itself to wise and beautiful issues- shall have lost much of its immediate import, there will still surely be discerned in his work a formative energy whose resultant is pure poetic gain. Browning's - "Life of Robert Browning", William Sharp.
  3. They are wide rifts which separate streams of nebulous matter, and are indicative that some formative processes may be going on within the nebula. - "The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost'", Thomas Orchard.

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