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Spell check of forgetfulness

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Correct spelling:
Aptness to forget; oblivion.
inattention (noun)
preoccupation, indifference, apathy, detachment, negligence, inobservance, carelessness, distraction, inattention, absent-mindedness, heedlessness, thoughtlessness, dreaminess, lapse, incuriosity, disregardfulness, inadvertence, oversight, befuddlement, aloofness, obliviousness, disregard, disinterestedness, unconcern, absence, unconsciousness, lack of interest.
forgetfulness (noun)
blankness, erasure, obliteration, oblivion, amnesia.
neglect (noun)
senility, recklessness, neglectfulness, disregardfulness, dereliction, inconsiderateness, shoddiness, sloppiness, inadvertency, negligence, thoughtlessness, carelessness, haphazardness, clumsiness, slovenliness, neglect, inattentiveness, perfunctoriness.
Other synonyms:
escape, nirvana.
Examples of usage:
  1. But as his nerves recovered their tone, as the horrors of his life as a faded into softer tints, as that boon of poor humanity- forgetfulness- healed his wounds, and he began to go about the streets without thinking of the hunchback at every corner, he felt more and more inclined to risk any thing to know how his old friends fared. screever - "Jan of the Windmill", Juliana Horatia Ewing.
  2. Love, it may be, is a forgetfulness of all things else, but despair is very actual. - "Mary Magdalen", Edgar Saltus.
  3. She had read only as far as venture into the world of Rochester last night, when forced by the unfeeling Miss Eliza who viewed printed matter as of such interest as to make for any forgetfulness of what one ought to do, with a stern call from the foot of the stairs, to " put out that light, and stop whatever it is you're reading this minute, and go straight to sleep!" Jane's Mr. no - "The Heart of Arethusa", Francis Barton Fox.

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