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Spell check of For

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Correct spelling:
Because; since; as.
In the place of; on account of; with respect to; in favor of; in quest of; during.
Other synonyms:
owing to, devoted, regarding, given, prepared to do something, price, sympathetic, affirmative, ensuing, about, throughout, as for, since, deadline, in consequence of the fact that, from, by virtue of something, outlay, rate, partial, knock-on, inasmuch as, cost, in connection with something, for the duration, at, pleased/only too pleased to do something, obliging, by, in relation to, in view of something, due to, due, through, the last minute, sell-by date, concerning, in/with regard to, positive, as a consequence/in consequence, as long as, time limit, hence, during, delighted, within, sunset provision, thus, yielding, concerned, timing, therefore, pro, considering, in the midst of something, consequently, due date, interested, offer, approving, over, closing date, in, amenable, bill, because, ready, play date, worth, being, whereas, accordingly, seeing, fee, supportive, as, willing, inclined, charge, on account of, expense, now, side, in light of something.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Now for and Howffend Mrs. Gawffaw! - "Marriage", Susan Edmonstone Ferrier.
  2. But there was nothing for it. - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.
  3. Don't ask me to tell you, for I cannot. - "The Hollow of Her Hand", George Barr McCutcheon.

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